For the construct in World of Warcraft, see Arcane Nullifier X-21.
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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.
Arcane nullifier
Arcane nullifier.png
Classification Large Construct (Mechanical)
Faction/Affiliation None
Homeworld Azeroth
Environment Any land or underground
Area(s) Gnomeregan
Height 10 ft
Weight 1,200 lbs
Organization(s) Solitary or attack squad
Alignment Always neutral
Sources: Monster Guide, 10-11

The arcane nullifier is a technological construct built with the express purpose of combating magical enemies of Gnomeregan. Based off of the original crowd pummeler, arcane nullifiers are ingenious works of steam technology combined with alchemical prowess and unreal science. Not only are they larger and much stronger than crowd pummelers, but these constructs are also built with a strange contraption that nullifies and reflects spells cast upon them. Rare and expensive as the constructs may be, leper gnomes quickly send these constructs out when obvious magical presences intrude into their halls.

Arcane nullifiers recognize Common, but only an experienced tinker, shouting out the correct codes, may command them. Some are automated to speak pre-programmed phrases under certain conditions, but their limited intelligence does not make them the greatest conversationalists.

An arcane nullifier wades mindlessly into combat lashing out with its steel fists. If any magic-users are present, it targets them first unless ordered to do otherwise. If an arcane nullifier's spell resistance protects it form a spell, the creature stores that spell within its body, and is able to release the spell back at enemies, usually targeting the creature that first cast the spell.[1]

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