Arcanum of Rapidity

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  • Arcanum of Rapidity
  • Binds when picked up
  • Use: Permanently adds 10 haste rating to a leg or head slot item.
    Enchanting the item causes it to become soulbound.
  • Requires Level 50
  • 1 Charge

The Arcanum of Rapidity is a enchanted gem that will add a haste effect to either a head or leg item. This effect will not stack with other enchantments on the item.


The Arcanum of Rapidity is a quest reward from the quest Libram of Rapidity which starts with Lorekeeper Lydros in Dire Maul. To complete the quest, you must turn the following items:

As a quest objective


  • The Arcanum used to be needed for the special class-specific Zul'Gurub enchantments. However, the requirement was removed in Patch 1.11.
  • The quest to get all Arcanums are repeatable.
  • Attack speed increases do stack with each other, you can get two librams, a counterweight and haste to gloves enchant, and they all stack.
  • "Haste rating" is now used instead of a straight percentage buff. According to Blizzard, items converted to the new rating system have no direct changes in their effects.

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