Arcforged banner.jpg
Main leader IconSmall KingMechagon.gif King Mechagon  †
Race(s) Mechagon mechagnomeMechagon mechagnome Mechagon mechagnome
Base of operations Mechagon City
Theater of operations Mechagon Island
Sub-group(s) Pistonheads
Affiliation Independent
Status Unknown

The Arcforged[1] are the mechagnomes that follow King Mechagon and his ideas of "reversing" the Curse of Flesh.

The Rustbolt Resistance is fighting them trying to overthrow Prince Erazmin's father in order to not let him accomplish his dream.

King Mechagon's subjects must deserve their robotic upgrades, piece by piece, as a status symbol.[2]

It is unknown what happens or remains of them after the fall of their king, however, with Gelbin Mekkatorque as the new leader of Mechagon, it is most probably that the Arcforged is no longer.



Mechagon Island

Operation: Mechagon


Mechagon Island

Operation: Mechagon


Mechagon Island

Operation: Mechagon


Remnants after Mechagon's dethroning

Possible members


  • The Arcforged have access to "thrice die mentioned printing" (i.e. 3D printing technology), using it to create fake gnome baby skeletons and spread them around the Rustbolt Resistance's territory in order to demoralize them.[3]
  • They are named similarly to the Stormforged, also titan creations converted from flesh back to metal.


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

Official name

  • The name Arcforged is used by Mylune, and never by the Rustbolt Resistance, the Arcforged themselves or other mechagnomes. It is unknown if they refer to themselves using the term or are even aware of it.
  • It is also unknown if it refers only to King Mechagon's faction of mechagnomes, mechagnomes as a race or even mechanical creatures in general, by way of being forged through welding.


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