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Archbishops are leaders of religious groups.

Church of the Holy Light

The Archbishop is the leader of the Church of the Holy Light, thus acting as the representative of the organization and an important member of the Alliance's leadership. They are seconded by the bishops of the Church.

There are only two archbishops of the Church that are presently mentioned: Archbishop Benedictus, and his predecessor, the well-renowned Archbishop Alonsus Faol, who led the Church through the hardships of the First and Second Wars.

Scarlet Onslaught

The Scarlet Onslaught had an archbishop named Landgren who resided within the Crimson Cathedral at the Onslaught Harbor in Icecrown.

In the RPG

Icon-RPG.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

The Church has an archbishop which is in charge, and he has a council of bishops to advise him. The Archbishop serves as an icon for anyone who is considered to be a follower of the Faith of the Holy Light. Usually, the archbishop was a bishop himself before he was selected, and once he's been chosen he's in charge until he dies or chooses to step down. Upon the death of the archbishop, all bishops are required to attend a conclave where they will elect the new archbishop.[1]

Shadow Priest Sarvis, as a dark priest, is like an archbishop, ruling over a wide territory.[2]


  • As a member of the Conclave, Alonsus Faol is still known as Archbishop.

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