BossArchdruid Glaidalis
Image of Archdruid Glaidalis
Gender Male
Race Night elf (Humanoid)
Level 10-45 Elite
Class Druid
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Occupation Enchanter,[1] Archdruid
Location Sanctum of G'Hanir, Darkheart Thicket
Status Killable
Darkheart Thicket

Archdruid Glaidalis
Shade of Xavius


Archdruid Glaidalis is a night elf located at the Sanctum of G'Hanir, in Darkheart Thicket.


Adventure Guide

Glaidalis was once known as among the most talented shapeshifters in all of Azeroth, and the elders of Moonglade would regularly send their most promising disciples to his care for instruction. But as has sadly too often been the case, those who are closest to nature are often the first to fall into the Nightmare's clutches.


Archdruid Glaidalis is a master shapeshifter, transforming into bear and cat forms with ease as he calls down corrupted starshards to bombard his foes.

Damage Dealer Alert Damage Dealers

  • Avoid being in front of Archdruid Glaidalis when he is casting Grevious Tear to above 90% of their maximum health.

Healer Alert Healers

  • Avoid being in front of Archdruid Glaidalis when he is casting Grevious Tear to above 90% of their maximum health.

Tank Alert Tanks

  • Position Archdruid Glaidalis so that Primal Rampage does not run over other players.


  • Ability druid starfall.png  Nightfall — Pulls a fragment of a Nightmare-corrupted star from the sky, creating an area of nightmare corruption that inflicts 190000 to 210000 Shadow damage to anyone in the area.
  • Spell druid bearhug.png  Primal Rampage Tank Alert — Archdruid Glaidalis bashes all enemies in a cone in front of him, inflicting 760000 to 840000 Physical damage and knocking them back. Archdruid Glaidalis then charges forward inflicting 475000 to 525000 Physical damage and knocking back anyone in his way.
  • Ability druid mangle.png  Grievous Leap Healer Alert — Leaps at an enemy, inflicting 285000 to 315000 Physical damage and causing a Grievous Tear. Archdruid Glaidalis will then leap back, inflicting 285000 to 315000 Physical damage and causing a Grievous Tear.
    • Ability druid mangle.png  Grievous Tear Healer Alert — Inflicts 66500 to 73500 Physical damage every 3 sec until healed past 90% of maximum health.


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Item Type
 [Misshapen Abomination Heart] (H · M) Blood artifact relic
 [Touch of Nightfall] (H · M) Arcane artifact relic
 [Night Dreamer Crest] (H · M) Cloth helmet
 [Nightsfall Helmet] (H · M) Plate helmet
 [Tranquil Bough Vest] (H · M) Leather chest
 [Thornscar Wristguards] (H · M) Plate bracers
 [Gloves of Wretched Lesions] (H · M) Mail gloves
 [Bramblemail Belt] (H · M) Mail belt
 [Poisonroot Belt] (H · M) Cloth belt
 [Grove Darkener's Treads] (H · M) Leather boots
 [Arch-Druid's Tainted Seal] (H · M) Ring
 [Corrupted Starlight] (H · M) Caster DPS trinket


Archdruid Glaidalis yells: Defilers... I can smell the Nightmare in your blood. Be gone from these woods or suffer nature's wrath!
Druidic Preserver yells: Kill him! Protect the grove!
Defilers... so it is you who have befouled these woods with the Nightmare.
Druid in your party
I sense a powerful druid among you. You dare to challenge my authority?
What is that you hold, druid?
  • Your power burns... How have you twisted the Scythe of Elune to obey your will?
  • What power comes from those fangs, defiler? You fight with the strength of the Ancients themselves.
  • You fight with the fury of Ursoc himself! No... I will not be defeated!
  • You are blessed with great restorative powers, druid, but I will rip you all apart in the end!
Grievous Leap
  • Andu-falah-dor!
  • By tooth and claw be purged!
  • I will bleed the Nightmare from you!
Primal Rampage
  • I am nature's fury incarnate!
  • I am the vessel of nature's fury!
Be purified in the light of the stars!
Killed a player
  • The Nightmare will not take these sacred woods.
  • Stay down, defiler!
  • Your blood reeks of corruption!
  • Only death can free you from the Nightmare.
  • The wilds are safe from the Nightmare once again.
  • I see now... I am the defiler...
  • The Nightmare... clouds my thoughts no more...
  • I just had... a strangest Nightmare...
Shade of Xavius says: A fluke. Savor it, and pray you do not face me next.
Malfurion Stormrage says: They will be more than prepared, for your true power rests in the nightmare.
Shade of Xavius says: Silence, weakling! When you open your mouth again, it will be to cry for mercy!
Unused quotes
  • The wilds sustain me!
  • Nature graces me with its bounty!
  • I am one with the flows of nature!


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