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|name=Archer's Cloak
|name=Archer's Cloak
|attrib=<span class="qc-uncommon">&lt;Random Enchantment&gt;</span>}}</onlyinclude>
==Random enchantments==
==Random enchantments==

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Random enchantments

Item Suffix Stats Bonus
of Arcane Wrath +10-11 Arcane Spell Damage
of the Whale +4-5 Stamina, +4-5 Spirit
of the Owl +4-5 Intellect, +4-5 Spirit
of Defense +7-8 Defense Rating
of Spirit +7-8 Spirit
of the Eagle +4-5 Intellect, +4-5 Stamina
of the Falcon +4-5 Intellect, +4-5 Agility
of Healing +15-18 Healing Spells
of Nature's Wrath +10-11 Nature Spell Damage
of Stamina +7-8 Stamina
of the Monkey +4-5 Stamina, +4-5 Agility
of the Wolf +4-5 Spirit, +4-5 Agility
of Agility +7-8 Agility
of Intellect +7-8 Intellect


File:Archer's Cloak, Dirt Background, Human Male.png
Archer's Cloak, Dirt Background, Human Male

This item is a world drop from level 31-36 mobs.

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