Image of Arcurion
Race Ice ascendant (Elemental)
Level 37 Elite
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Twilight's Hammer
Location Crystal Vice, Hour of Twilight
Status Killable Cataclysm

Arcurion is the first boss who appears in the Crystal Vice in the Hour of Twilight.[1]


Adventure Guide

Horde and Alliance assaults against the Twilight's Hammer have slaughtered many of the cult's fearsome elemental ascendants. One exception is Arcurion, a formidable ice ascendant tasked to slay Thrall and retrieve the Dragon Soul. Should this twisted elemental being succeed, nothing will be able to stop Deathwing from ushering in the Hour of Twilight.


  • Ability mage wintersgrasp.png  Hand of Frost — Arcurion's icy grip reaches out at his current target, inflicting 50000 Frost damage.
  • Spell frost chainsofice.png  Chains of Frost Magic Effect — Arcurion unleashes a wave of ice, inflicting 10000 Frost damage and immobilizing all enemies within 65 yards for 10 sec.
  • Frozen Servitor — Arcurion's minions surround the canyon and throw Icy Boulders onto random players below.
    • Inv ammo snowball.png  Icy Boulder — A Frozen Servitor assaults a random player with huge blocks of ice, inflicting 20000 Frost damage.
  • Thrall — Thrall hurls molten lava at the Frozen Servitors above, keeping their numbers in check.
  • Ability mage deepfreeze.png  Icy Tomb Important — Arcurion encases Thrall in an Icy Tomb. Destroying the Icy Tomb releases Thrall.
  • Spell frost arcticwinds.png  Torrent of Frost — At 30% remaining health, Arcurion unleashes a devastating Torrent of Frost inflicting 15000 Frost damage each second to all enemies and reducing their movement speed by 50% for 5 sec.


Arcurion's fight is mostly an awareness check for your group, all members must move out of the glyphs that appear on the ground to avoid damage. When Arcurion uses his Chains of Ice ability it is best to use an escape mechanic such as [Hand of Freedom] or [Master's Call] to ease pressure on your healer to dispel. It is highly recommended for priests to use their [Mass Dispel] to remove chains from as many people at once.

Occasionally Arcurion will freeze Thrall in a block of ice, when this happens all DPS should immediately switch to the ice block that is keeping Thrall stunned. If you do not the elementals will build up and throw ice boulders much more rapidly and force greater amounts of movement and healing out of you group. However, if your group has sufficiently high DPS it is a good strategy to simply burn the boss down quickly to 30% which will automatically release Thrall from the ice tomb.

At 30% Arcurion will cast his Torrent of Frost ability, this is a major burn phase at this time Thrall will cast [Bloodlust] (which does not trigger the sated debuff and ignores any debuff that would normally bar benefiting from it) making it easier to finish the boss. Major AOE healing such as [Tranquility] and [Divine Hymn] are very useful in keeping the group alive in this phase as well. If those spells are unavailable it is very important for the group to stack up to ease healer stress and use other damage reduction abilities like [Divine Guardian].



Thrall says: Heroes, we have the dragon soul. The Aspects await us within Wyrmrest. Hurry - come with me.
Arcurion yells: Shaman! The Dragon Soul is not yours. Give it up, and you may yet walk away with your life.
Thrall says: How did they find us? Ready your weapons - we've got to get out of this canyon!
Thrall and friends run down the path but Thrall senses something...
Thrall says: What magic is this?
Thrall says: Look out!
Arcurion yells: Destroy them all, but bring the Shaman to me!
Thrall says: Hurry - we must keep moving.
Thrall says: Another ambush. Watch your back!
Intro after killing trash
Thrall says: Take a moment to catch your breath before we move on.
Arcurion yells: You will go nowhere, Shaman.
Thrall says: Show yourself!
Arcurion yells: You are a fool if you think to take your place as the Aspect of Earth, Shaman!
Arcurion yells: You're a mere mortal. It is time you die like one.
Thrall says: We're surrounded. Dispatch the ascendant while I keep the ambushers at bay.
Icy Tomb
  • Enough, shaman!
  • None will survive!
  • The Shaman is mine, focus on his companions!
Killing a player
  • Mere mortals...
  • Your shaman can't protect you.
  • The Aspects misplaced their trust.
Arcurion reaches 30% health
Thrall yells: You've almost got him! Og'nor ka Lok'tar - Now we finish this!
Arcurion yells: The Hour of Twilight falls - the end of all things - you cannot stop it. You are nothing. NOTHING!
Arcurion yells: Nothing! Nothing...
Thrall says: We've been discovered. I know you are tired, but we cannot keep the Aspects waiting!
Unused quotes
  • Arcurion: Give up the Dragon Soul, and I may yet allow you to live.
  • Arcurion: Freeze!
  • Thrall: Keep fighting!
  • Thrall: More reinforcements. Watch your backs!


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