The Arcway
Arc, AW
Arcway loading screen.jpg
The Arcway loading screen
Location Suramar, Broken Isles
Race(s) IconSmall Nightborne Male.gifIconSmall Nightborne Female.gif Nightborne
IconSmall Nightfallen Male.gifIconSmall Nightfallen Female.gif Nightfallen
IconSmall Withered.gif Withered
DemonDemonDemonDemon Demon
Man'ari eredarMan'ari eredar Man'ari eredar
IconSmall Banshee.gif Banshee
End boss IconSmall Nightborne Male.gif Advisor Vandros
Instance info
Type Dungeon
Advised level 110
Player limit 5

General Xakal
Advisor Vandros


The Arcway is one of the max-level dungeons introduced with World of Warcraft: Legion located within Suramar City.[1] The Arcway stretches beneath the city proper, but then continue through the entire zone of Suramar. Adventurers attempt to make their way through this winding network in an effort to gain entry to Nighthold. The entrance can be found in the Sanctum Depths of the Sanctum of Order.

An uninstanced section containing The Fel Breach can be found in Felsoul Hold, where the Legion's activities are damaging the nearby Suramar City beyond just scorching the edge. For some reason, the instanced version of Felsoul Hold is turned 180 degrees.

Originally released with Legion as a Mythic-only dungeon, with Patch 7.2 the dungeon was also made available in Heroic mode.


To become a captain of the Moon Guard during the time of the Kaldorei Empire, aspirant Guards were required by their ancient laws to undergo a traditional rite: patrolling the Arcway for three weeks without rest, the vast labyrinth putting their skills as a Guard to the test. Only a captain could receive the power of their order.[2]

The tunnels are considered defunct. They were abandoned when a disaster disrupted the mana collectors operating there[3] and the tunnels became unstable.[4] The Nightflow Conduit is located here, which is the main leyline conduit for Suramar City; it pulls ten times the amount of energy than the maximum available for Shal'Aran.[5]

Adventure Guide

As vast as the city of Suramar is, the vast network of tunnels beneath the city spans an even greater reach. Nightborne society has grown to depend on the power of the Nightwell, and the Arcway delivers that lifeblood throughout the city. This labyrinthine complex was built thousands of years ago, running beneath the foundations of the city's largest buildings, and most modern citizens live their lives entirely unaware of what may lurk in the shadows beneath their feet....

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Boss Item Type
Ivanyr  [Ivanyr's Hunger] Shadow artifact relic
 [Manawracker Shoulders] Cloth shoulders
 [Crackling Overcharge Chestguard] Plate chest
 [Swordsinger's Wristguards] Leather bracers
 [Ink-Smudged Handwraps] Cloth gloves
 [Nether Mindsnappers] Mail gloves
 [Arcane Defender's Belt] Plate belt
 [Ley Dragoon's Stompers] Mail boots
 [Tunnel Trudger Footguards] Leather boots
 [Gnawed Thumb Ring] Caster ring
 [Portable Manacracker] Caster DPS trinket
Corstilax  [Cleansing Isotope] Holy artifact relic
 [Quarantine Catalyst] Frost artifact relic
 [Collar of Enclosure] Cloth helmet
 [Stabilized Energy Pendant] Necklace
 [Spaulders of Aberrant Inhibition] Leather shoulders
 [Cape of Rigid Order] Cloak
 [Decontaminated Chain Tunic] Mail chest
 [Detention Wristclamps] Plate bracers
 [Coagulated Nightwell Residue] Tank trinket
General Xakal  [Sealed Fel Fissure] Fel artifact relic
 [Xakal's Determination] Iron artifact relic
 [Mardum Chain Helm] Mail helmet
 [Felbat Leather Vest] Leather chest
 [Remorseless Chain Armbands] Mail bracers
 [Fists of the Legion] Plate gloves
 [Bloodclaw Leggings] Leather leggings
 [Legwraps of Reverberating Shadows] Cloth leggings
 [Portalguard Legplates] Plate leggings
 [Netherwhisper Slippers] Cloth boots
 [Ring of Looming Menace] Ring
 [Terrorbound Nexus] Melee DPS trinket
Nal'tira  [Fistful of Eyes] Blood artifact relic
 [Nal'tira's Venom Gland] Life artifact relic
 [Greathelm of Barbed Chelicerae] Plate helmet
 [Arcane Exterminator's Shoulderguards] Mail shoulders
 [Cloak of Mana-Spun Silk] Cloak
 [Tunnel Fiend Bracers] Cloth bracers
 [Manafang Waistguard] Leather belt
 [Ring of Twisted Webbing] Ring
 [Nether Anti-Toxin] Healer trinket
 [Tome of Hex: Spider] Shaman tome
Advisor Vandros  [Accelerating Torrent] Storm artifact relic
 [Split Second] Arcane artifact relic
 [Gaze of Fleeting Hours] Leather helmet
 [Manawracker Crown] Cloth helmet
 [Erratically Ticking Talisman] Necklace
 [Frozen Pendulum Shoulderguards] Plate shoulders
 [Swordsinger's Shoulders] Leather shoulders
 [Arcane Defender's Breastplate] Plate chest
 [Fluxflow Robes] Cloth chest
 [Ley Dragoon's Gloves] Mail gloves
 [Mana-Lanced Gloves] Leather gloves
 [Chain of Causal Links] Mail belt
 [Time-Breached Waistband] Cloth belt
 [Mute Erasure Legguards] Mail leggings
 [Treads of Fates Entwined] Plate boots
 [Chrono Shard] Trinket

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  • During alpha, this instance was originally called Suramar Catacombs.

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