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Gender Male
Race Human
Class Mage
Affiliation(s) Kingdom of Arathor, Magocrat Lords of Dalaran[1]
Occupation Elected ruler of Dalaran
Status Deceased

Ardogan was born sometime before 2,700 BDP and was among the first generations of human mages to be trained following humanity's first successes with magic during the Troll Wars. After the Troll Wars, he would become the ruler of the autonomous city-state of Dalaran.


Ardogan was an immigrant from another part of Arathor to the growing trade outpost of Dalaran. At the time of Arathor's expansion, Dalaran was rapidly growing in population, culture, and wealth. Occupying a place at the center of the kingdom, it was a hub of commerce and travel. The townspeople found Ardogan to be an eccentric mage, but brilliant in his endeavors. Carrying the admiration of the people, they elected him their leader.[2]

Governance of pre-magocratic Dalaran[]

Ardogan's administration furthered the prestige and prosperity of Dalaran throughout all of Arathor. Under his guidance, Dalaran began to acquire significant political influence, allowing the city to begin its first steps out from under the administration of the king in Strom. Ardogan deepened this political leverage after he invited the disenfranchised spellcasters of Arathor to reside in Dalaran without prejudice or wariness from its inhabitants.

Despite the central role of the human magi in the success of the Troll Wars, the humans of Arathor looked on sorcerers with suspicion. Much of the human population looked upon mages with distrust and fear. By 2,700 BDP, the paranoia of the people sparked open conflicts between themselves and wizards. Mages began to leave population centers to reside in rural areas to escape what they saw as "baseless paranoia."

Since Ardogan, a mage, had won the support and admiration of the population, he believed they would be tolerate of others too. Ardogan pictured Dalaran as being a central haven for humanity's spellcasters. By inviting the mages to reside in Dalaran, if the Arathi leaders sought the support of the magi, they would have to deal with Dalaran. Under these conditions, Strom was forced to grant Ardogan significant autonomy to insure the continued support of Dalaran.

As the first sorcerers arrived, Dalaran was reborn as they used their magic to craft a city of splendor: towers, terraces, libraries, and arcane repositories.

Creation of the Magocracy[]

With the increasingly central role of magic in the affairs of Dalaran and the rise its population of magic users, Ardogan reformed the structure of Dalaran's government by creating a central ruling council made up himself and other powerful sorcerers. This council of "Magocratic lords" were the forerunners to the future Kirin Tor.[1] Within a few years, the skilled rule of Ardogan and the magocrats made crime virtually nonexistent and magical protection from the dangers of the wild allowed trade and industry to expand. During this time, more and more people came to Dalaran for the economic opportunities it offered.[3]


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