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Arena Tournament

The World of Warcraft Arena Pass is a 3v3 Arena tournament taking place outside of the standard end-of-arena-season tournament on a special event realm where all PvE content has been disabled.

Players are not allowed to copy characters to the event realm, but instead pay 15€ / £12.00 / $20.00 for access and are allowed to create three max level characters with free access to enchants, gear, gems, gold, and pets.

2013 Tournament[]

  • Registration began on the 18th of June 2013 for the US[1] and one day later for the EU[2]. It was available until the 27th of August 2013, which was the end of the rated phase (see below).[3]
  • Duration: The Arena Pass will run for most of the year once it starts. The first four weeks will be used for practice. After the practice period, ratings will be reset, and the competition will continue for four weeks during the rated phase. To encourage team stability, there will be a -150 team rating penalty for any player additions to your team during the weeks after the practice period. Once the rated phase has closed, the realm will continue to be available for practice and your playing enjoyment. The Arena Pass will be closed in December.[4]
  • The reset of team ratings, commencing the begin of the rated phase, was delayed by one week due to a technical issue. The reset occurred on the 6th of August. The end of the rated phase was still scheduled for the 27th of August.[5]
  • The gear used on the Tournament realms was from the current season (Season 13).[6]
  • Shipping of the rewards was delayed due to not revealed issues.[7] While the pet was delivered on the 18th of October 2013 (EU), the title is not granted to eligible players up to this day.


The following NPCs provide Arena gear, gems, enchants, etc:


Players who are a member of one of the top 1,000 teams at the end of the rated phase and have participated in at least 100 rated Arena Pass games on a character on a qualifying team will receive the "Vanquisher" title for their live characters level 71 and over.

Players who participate in at least 50 rated Arena Pass games on one character and with the same team will be eligible to receive the Armored Murloc pet for their live characters.

Note: The characters that players use to qualify for the above prizes must play all of their qualifying games on the same team and must remain on that team for the duration of the Arena Pass. If a player leaves their team at any time, it may void their eligibility by resetting the required number of games played. The live characters that players wish to receive the in-game prizes must be on the same account as the one registered for the Arena Pass.

Previous Tournaments[]

  • The Tournament is held yearly since 2009.
  • In the first Tournament you needed 200 games to receive the Murkimus companion. In all years after that the requirement has been only 50 games.

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