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Arena of Annihilation
Shado-Pan Monastery loading screen
Location Temple of the White Tiger, Kun-Lai Summit
Instance info
Type Scenario
Advised level 90
Minimum average
item level
Player limit 3

Arena of Annihilation is a scenario in World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. It's the Pandaria continuation of the famous Ring of Blood quest chain.


Are you ready to rumble? Gurgthock and Wodin invite you to prove your might once again!

Gurgthock and Wodin are at it again! This time they’ve set up their pit-fighting operation in Pandaria's snow-swept Kun-Lai Summit, at the Temple of the White Tiger:

"Ah, I can still remember running fights out of a muddy hole in the ground back in Nagrand. We've come a long way, eh, Wodin? I tell you, there's nothing more these Tiger monks like than a good scrap. So much so that they've paid good coin for me to set up shop here and draw the strongest fighters from all around! So, how about it? You and a couple friends up for a few rounds in the Arena of Annihilation...? Big money, big prizes!"[1]

Scenario denizens[]

VZ-Arena of Annihilation

Arena of Annihilation

Hostile Friendly

Stage guide[]

As in the Ring of Blood and similar old arena quests, the arena consists of a series of battles against increasingly powerful champions. There are five rounds in total, each started by ringing the gong. As always, the battles are overseen by Gurgthock and Wodin the Troll-Servant.

Stage 1: Scar-Shell[]

Summon and defeat the mighty dragon turtle, Scar-Shell.

Scar-shell is the first challenge. He has a piercing bite which reduces the targets armor by 50%. Once in a while, he spins around the room at great speeds, dealing damage to anyone in his path, but he is extra-vulnerable after he stops spinning.

Stage 2: Jol'Grum[]

Summon and defeat the grummle-eating, snow-stalking horror, Jol'Grum.

Jol'Grum is the second challenge. He has two notable abilities:

  • Headbutt — Deals damage to his current target and knocks it back, dealing 15% of the targets health as damage over 3 seconds.
  • Slam — Jol'grum moves to the middle of the room and casts Slam, dealing damage to every player in the room and knocking them back.

Additionally, Jol'grum has a special energy bar that fills when he moves. If it reaches 100 he will get the buff Angry which increases his movement- and attackspeed for several seconds.

Stage 3: Little Liuyang[]

Summon and defeat the playful fire spirit, Liuyang.

Little Liuyang is the third challenge. He chain casts a Fireball which can be interrupted. Roughly every 15-20 seconds he casts Flameline which creates a line of fire that deals damage to everyone who stands in it.

His special ability is called Flame Wall. He will deal 35,000 damage to anyone near him and summons three flame walls and three Flamecoaxing Spirits. The spirits and flame walls will start moving against the clock, defeating a spirit will remove one of the flame walls. Additionally, as long as at least one spirit is alive, Little Liuyang will reflect 50% of the damage he takes back to the attacker. He will still chain casts fireballs during this.

Stage 4: Chagan Firehoof[]

Summon and defeat the wandering yaungol warrior, Chagan Firehoof.

Chagan Firehoof is the fourth challenge. He charges into battle alongside his yak steed, Batu. He has two abilities, the first is called Hammertime which is a PBAoE effect. The second ability is called Trailblaze. Trailblaze will summon three lines of fire in front of him and one behind him. These deal damage every second to anyone who stands in them.

Final Stage: Defeat the Final Challenger![]

Summon and defeat the final challenger and then claim your reward from Wodin!

In the final stage you have to defeat the final challenger. This is one out of three randomly choosen enemies.

Maki Waterblade[]

The battle against Maki Waterblade consists of two phases. During the first he will cast Wild Fixation every so often, fixating on a random player. He attacks this player with Crashing Slash which deals 150% frost damage.

After some time, phase 2 will start. He will move to the middle of the room and uses a whirlwind attack. Additionally, water will flow in the ring from all sides, pushing you towards the middle. You have to run towards the water so it won't push you into Maki's attack.

Satay Byu[]

The battle against Satay Byu consists of only one phase. Each of his attacks stacks a slowing poison debuff on his target, lowering the movement speed and eventually rooting it. He uses a Throw to deal damage to far away targets and also has a skill called Speed of the Jinja, which let's him attack rapidly for 50% weapon damage per hit.

Cloudbender Kobo[]

The battle against Cloudbender Kobo consits of two phases. During the first he summons Tornados which are moving void zones. He also has a Cyclone Kick where he deals AoE damage to anyone nearby. He can also jump a random target with Flying Serpent Kick.

After some time Cloudbender Kobo will start flying around on a cloud, shooting lightning at the arena floor which leaves behind voidzones. He will fly one round around the arena before phase 1 will start again.




Patch changes[]

  • Warlords of Draenor Hotfix (2014-10-17): Reduced the damage of Little Liuyang's Fireball to a more reasonable amount.
  • Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.0.4 (2012-08-28): Added.


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