Aretain Naris
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Title Captain
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Ex-paladin
Affiliation(s) Alterac
Former affiliation(s) Knights of the Silver Hand
Occupation Captain
Location Aretain's Camp, Alterac Valley region
Status Alive
Relative(s) Syndrissin (brother),
Soff (nephew)
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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Aretain Naris was a human paladin who fought in the Third War. He was the brother of Syndrissin Naris and the uncle of Soff. After the conflict ended, Aretain returned to his home in the Alterac Mountains with a small group of loyal soldiers. These men and women were unwilling to put aside their hatred of the Horde, and over two years others who felt the same had joined them. Continuing Horde presence in Alterac — in bases such as Tarren Mill — embittered these people even more.

Aretain soon lead a small band of bigots and cutthroats. They moved from place to place, establishing camps where Aretain felt they could fight the Horde most effectively. They saw all Horde members as evil creatures — including orcs who observe the truce between the Horde and the Alliance. Since he didn't have the numbers to mount an assault, Aretain vowed to cripple the orcs in the Alterac region and drive them from his homeland "by any means necessary". "Any means" included the systematic slaughter of the few gryphons that lived in the Alterac Mountains (which he believed orcs and trolls were training to use as mounts) and poisoning the wells near every Horde settlement, no matter how small (which allowed poison to seep into the Alliance water supplies). Clearly, Aretain no longer walked in the Light. He was a bandit chief, and his actions damaged relations between the Alliance and the Horde.[1]


  • "While the knights of Stormwind polish their armor and engage in ridiculous errands that they dare to call 'quests', the solid dependable folk of Alterac are fighting for their lives and homes in the real war."[2]
  • "Behold this self-righteous philosopher! This whelp wishes to punish me for the crime of saving your lives and doing what was necessary to make sure the butchers didn't make a meal of you for their pet wolves' bellies. Well, I spit upon her, upon Stormwind, upon Theramore, and upon any power on Azeroth that stands against our survival!" He turns toward the adventurer trying to stop him. "You are an orc in my sight, and I shall cut you down like any crawling creature of the Horde, and take joy at your slaughter!"[3]