NeutralArgent Call: Northdale
Start Tarenar Sunstrike
End Fiona
Level 15-30
Category Eastern Plaguelands
Experience 1,250
Rewards 15s
Previous N [15-30] Argent Call: The Noxious Glade
Next N [15-30] Ix'lar the Underlord


Speak with Fiona at Eastwall Tower in Eastern Plaguelands.


Tyrosus has given us our next task: slaying more undead in Northdale. Gidwin is excited to move forward, but I think we should show a little more caution.

Let's meet up with Fiona. She should be at the next tower by now... Eastwall Tower, I think it's called. It's close by, to the northwest of Light's Hope. We can rest there, and plan our attack on Northdale.


Hello, <name>! Glad to see you've rejoined the caravan!

Tarenar and Gidwin arrived here before you. Tarenar's just right there, and Gidwin's... well... he's in a little bit of a mood right now. I think he's in the tower.


You will receive: 15s


  1. Retrieve both Gidwin and Tarenar, in either order
  2. N [15-30] Onward, to Light's Hope Chapel
  3. N [15-30] Rough Roads
  4. N [15-30] Traveling Companions
  5. N [15-30] The Trek Continues
  6. N [15-30] Boys Will Be Boys
  7. N [15-30] A Boyhood Dream
  8. N [15-30] Argent Call: The Trial of the Crypt
  9. N [15-30] Argent Call: The Noxious Glade
  10. N [15-30] Argent Call: Northdale
  11. N [15-30] Ix'lar the Underlord
  12. N [15-30] Impatience
  13. N [15-30] Nobody to Blame but Myself
  14. N [15-30] Beat it Out of Them
  15. N [15-30] Blind Fury
  16. N [15-30] Guardians of Stratholme
  17. N [15-30] The Baroness' Missive
  18. N [15-30] Gidwin's Fate Revealed
  19. N [15-30] Journey's End

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