Argent Cannon
Image of Argent Cannon
Race Cannon (Mechanical)
Level 25-30 Elite
Location Argent Vanguard, Icecrown

Atop each of the Vanguard's four towers is a retractable Argent Crusade cannon, blessed by Father Gustav and maintained by Siegemaster Fezzik. They are used in N [25-30] The Last Line Of Defense to shoot approaching scourge forces.

Vehicle This cannon can be mounted.


  • Inv misc missilesmall yellow.png  Argent Cannon — Fire into enemy Scourge and watch them burn.
  • Spell holy divineprovidence.png  Reckoning Bomb — Unleashes the Reckoning upon the Scourge, inflicting ridiculous amounts of damage. Some might even say the damage is ludicrous.

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