• Argent Pony Bridle
  • Binds when picked up
  • Use: Applies a mount to your Argent Squire.
  • Requires Level 29
  • "This small but quick pony allows your squire to run distant errands for you."

Argent Pony Bridle is sold by Dame Evniki Kapsalis, the Crusader's Quartermaster, in the Crusader tent on the west end of the tourney grounds for 150 [Champion's Seal]. This can only be obtained by players who have attained the rank of Crusader.


Grants the achievement  [Pony Up!].

Allows remote access to resources.

  • Mailbox - regular access to your mailbox (send and receive)
  • Bank - Your personal bank. (No access to guild bank)
  • Trader - Buys items and sells the following:
    • Food items for required level 65 and 75
    • Reagents for spells
    • Ammunition
    • Poisons
    • Does not sell anything which restores mana, although the materials required to cook  [Kungaloosh] are sold so a 375 cook can create mana-restoring items from the Squire's wares.

There is a 3 minute buff which allows you to access the selected resource as many times as desired. Once this expires your  [Argent Squire]Alliance or  [Argent Gruntling]Horde mounts a pony and rides off.

There is a 4 hour cooldown before additional errands can be run. You can have your squire out and have him carry a champions banner as usual during the cooldown.

Additionally, if you mount, so will your  [Argent Squire]Alliance or  [Argent Gruntling]Horde. Despite the current effect description written as Argent Squire, it will be applied to the Argent Gruntling for Horde members.

This item is bound solely to the character which originally purchased it, and must be purchased again on other characters in order to be used by them.

This can be used along with  [Guild Herald] and  [Guild Page] to vendor, store or mail most items during dungeon and raid runs.

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