• Argoram's Journal
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  • "This journal details Argoram's search for the ancient spear, Gronnsbane."


This item is found on the corpse of Windreader Argoram in Frostfire Ridge during N [40 Daily] Treasure Contract: The Thunderlord Sage.


In my years hunting with the Thunderlord clan, I have come to know them as a brave and cunning people. Though I was not born into their clan, they allowed me to fight alongside them and earn my place. In my prime, I stood side by side with their best hunters as we felled beasts that I had previously thought invincible. It is this togetherness that gives them strength.

However, many Thunderlord speak legends of one of the earliest of the giant-slayers, who could fell these beasts single-handedly. Though their culture is greatly focused on synergy, there are still those who strive to become like these ancestors of legend. To this end, some of the most powerful in the clan will seek the weapon Gronnsbane, which is said to be the key to this power.

As I find myself growing longer in the years, I have found myself wondering if such a power exists. There are very few scholars among the Thunderlord, so I am taking it as a personal cause to unravel the mystery of Gronnsbane, so that it may be returned to its people.

The stories of Gronnsbane speak of the hero Brakor, who wielded Gronnsbane when the orcs were still enslaved by the ogres of Frostfire. It is said that the weapon was blessed by the elements of the land and its beasts, and that its power faded when it left Brakor's hands. Indeed, it seems that a weapon matching the description of Gronnsbane has been found many times since, but has never possessed this fabled power.

It is my belief that the weapon does not possess the power on its own, but that the aforementioned blessings are what give its potency.

When speaking with the clan's shaman, I have uncovered more about these blessings. In the time of the Thunderlord's formation, just as the orcs began winning their freedom from the ogres, the ancient shaman were said to be granted their powers from powerful shamanstones. These stones granted the orcs with the blessings of frost and fire, which aided the Thunderlords in their liberation. These stones may be the key to the elemental blessings originally possessed by Gronnsbane.

The stones were left behind when the orcs fled their cruel enslavers, and it is believed that the ogres now use them to enhance their own magics.

In a recent raid against the Bloodmaul ogres, one of our warriors spotted what sounds to me like the Molten Shamanstone, which is said to offer the Blessing of Fire.

He describes an ancient monolith, perched upon the edge of a precipice extending from the cliff where the searing magma falls into the sea. I believe the location he speaks of is just overlooking Tor'goroth's Tooth.

I borrowed a rylak from one of our sky riders to scout the ogre camp myself. As I was maneuvering away from the great boulders hurled at me by the ogron brutes, I glanced what looked like another monolith atop the tallest of the snow-capped towers in Bloodmaul. Perhaps this is the Frozen Shamanstone, which is thought to grant the Blessing of Frost.

If these are indeed the sources of the ancient elemental blessings, then I may be very close to recovering the legacy of Gronnsbane. The last piece to unravel would be the blessing of beasts, which seems to be the final part of the enchantment.

I believe that this enigmatic blessing of beasts may be tied to the legends around Brakor's first kill with Gronnsbane. It is said that Brakor proved his might by bloodying the spear against one of the ancient black rylaks that inhabit the tallest spires of the Stonefury Cliffs. The tales indicate that the weapon grew in power after that point, so the rylaks must be the final key!

High in the Stonefury Cliffs, I have seen an altar where the ogres have left offerings to these ancient beasts. Perhaps I could use it to lure one of them down.

It seems that the pieces have come together, and I just may be able to recover Gronnsbane to its rightful home among the Thunderlord clan. Today I leave for Magnarok, which is the last known location of the weapon.

Once found, I will seek out the blessings and restore Gronnsbane to its legendary status.

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