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Image of Argus
Title The Unmaker
Gender Male
Race Titan (Humanoid)
Location Seat of the Pantheon, Antorus, the Burning Throne
Status Deceased (lore)
Killable Legion

“Death! Death and pain!”

— Argus the Unmaker

Argus, "the emerald star",[1] was the titan world-soul of the eponymous planet Argus. Argus was tortured and corrupted beyond redemption by the Burning Legion, the nathrezim infusing his soul with Death magic[2] to make him a "death titan"[3] in order to harness his power to fuel the demons' infinite army,[4] allowing them to endlessly regenerate in the Twisting Nether.[5] [6]

The Legion's connection to the world-soul had to be severed in order to bring an end to the Burning Crusade once and for all. To do this, the Pantheon brought Argus' soul to their Seat, where he was defeated by the adventurers of Azeroth. The titans then used the last of Argus' power to imprison his master Sargeras forever. Due to his Death corruption, Argus' soul subsequently traveled to the Shadowlands, where--just as the nathrezim had planned--it rendered the Arbiter dormant.[2][6]

Azeroth is described as "much more powerful" than Argus, at least from the latter's perspective.[1]

Under the name Argus the Unmaker, he is the final boss of Antorus, the Burning Throne and the final raid encounter of World of Warcraft: Legion.


The Burning Legion's nathrezim, who were secretly in service to the Jailer, twisted the world-soul of Argus with Death magic in order to make him "a maul with which to crush the Arbiter"—the being responsible for judging mortal souls in the Shadowlands.[2] In order to do this, they stoked Sargeras' fear of the Void to blind him to their true purpose: when Sargeras was irritated by the time it took his fallen demons to regenerate in the Twisting Nether, the nathrezim suggested they could forge a resurrection engine that would make his armies rise again in an instant, and that all this would require is the soul of a world infused with the power of Death. While this benefitted the Burning Legion greatly, it also furthered the Jailer's plans. The Arbiter was made to judge mortal souls, not the "mad, hate-filled essence of a broken world". By infusing Argus with the magic of Death, they ensured that once he had been struck down by mortals empowered by the titan pantheon, the soul of Argus would fire like an arrow into the heart of the Arbiter.[7]

A Thousand Years of War

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The existence of Argus' world-soul was unknown to the Army of the Light before the Second War. Xe'ra had a vision of the "emerald star" for the first time during the Invasion of Draenor, when Turalyon and Alleria Windrunner ventured into Draenor; she claimed to have seen something she believes she was not meant to cross the vast expanses of fate for but a mere moment before it was gone again. She believed that the Legion was hiding it from prying eyes and that once they reached it, it would be key in finally destroying the Burning Legion. Xe'ra believed that this vision of the emerald star was the reason Eradication was sent to assassinate both Turalyon and Alleria. Turalyon would later claim to have seen the emerald star after being Lightforged by Xe'ra, saying their war with the Legion would eventually reveal it to them, and that they needed to be patient.

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During the invasion of Outland, many of Argus' demonic forces had moved to Outland, leaving it undefended enough for Turalyon and Alleria to venture into it. There, Alleria was struck by a vision sent by the world-soul itself from the belly of Argus, revealing that it was the emerald star. It was imprisoned by the green, corrupting fires of fel and it sent Alleria memories, its entire lifetime in a single, uncontrolled burst. Her mind was transported elsewhere: she lived a history that surpassed the existence of the universe, saw energy spinning out into the cosmos, she saw it found warmth near a sun, and a world formed around it to protect it as it grew, she saw generations of life lived and died upon it, she saw it was betrayed and was bound by something powerful, it was in pain, its only solace lay within its dream, she saw them enslaved worlds, burned worlds and used its strength to revive their fallen souls, and that they found another, much more powerful they wanted to claim too, and when she saw it, she screamed into the cosmos for help and that two children answered the call. Turalyon didn't see the vision but swore to return and free the world soul from the Legion's clutches. The world-soul's distress caused the Legion forces on the planet to become aware of their presence, forcing them to retreat.[1]


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

The world-soul of Argus in Antorus, the Burning Throne.

Argus awakens at the Seat of the Pantheon.

With the arrival of the Armies of Legionfall to Argus during the Argus Campaign, Magni Bronzebeard was able to talk to Argus' titan much like he speaks to Azeroth thanks to the Sacred Stone in the possession of the Krokul of Krokul Hovel,[8] revealing the emerald star's nature as a titan to the Army of the Light. Compared to Azeroth, Magni claimed Argus spoke in a tormented and broken voice due to his torture. Magni and an order leader used the stone to receive visions from Argus, where it revealed to them that Sargeras sought to resurrect and corrupt the souls of the Pantheon and turn them into his service, with Aggramar having already fallen to corruption.[9]

In the heart of Antorus, the Burning Throne, the Army of the Light and the order champions confronted the Avatar of Aggramar, who presided over the world-soul of Argus, before the freed spirits of the Pantheon transported the world-soul to the Seat of the Pantheon in order to sever its connection to the Burning Legion. However, by Sargeras' command, Argus the Unmaker rose into his true form and confronted the order leaders, with the Pantheon providing their support. A battle that should not be winnable ensued, during the course of which Sargeras would intervene and infuse Argus with some of his power, turning the titan red. Ultimately the battle ends with the Unmaker being put out of his misery, finally freeing him from his endless torment. A trickle of Argus' blood would be taken by the champions and later shown to Khadgar.[10]

Using the last of Argus' energies combined with their own, the Pantheon imprisoned Sargeras within the Seat of the Pantheon with Illidan Stormrage as his jailer, bringing an end to the Burning Crusade and to the third invasion.


Shadowlands This section concerns content related to Shadowlands.

Argus' soul crashing toward Oribos.

The Echo of Argus.

As the nathrezim had planned, their corruption of Argus' soul caused it to travel to the Shadowlands after he was killed at the Seat.[2] The soul crashed into the Arbiter in Oribos and rendered her dormant, causing all new souls entering the Shadowlands to flow directly into the Maw instead of being sorted to their rightful afterlives,[11] which in turn set off a chain of events playing into the long-term plans of the Jailer.

When a Maw Walker and their allies tried to create a new Arbiter by infusing a vessel in Zereth Mortis' Crypts of the Eternal, a Darkseer Corrupter infiltrator sabotaged the ritual by summoning an Echo of Argus so that the titan could take the vessel and become "Eternal". The Maw Walker and their allies managed to defeat the echo,[2] but the nathrezim's interference succeeded in disrupting the creation of a new Arbiter until Pelagos volunteered his own soul for the role.[12]


Argus was equipped with black and gold armor on his limbs and waist, while a massive helm adorned his head, vaguely in the shape of a pharaoh crown. His body was pierced in multiple areas with spikes and through his armor. Argus' glowing, deep blue skin made him distinct from the rest of his titan brethren. A close look at Argus' head reveals that he lacked lips, and his lower jaw appeared skeletal. Removing the helm geoset from his model reveals that his face lacked muscle tissue as well. These signs show that he was not entirely formed yet.

Despite having been tortured by the Burning Legion for millennia, Argus seemed to lack the classical signs of fel corruption, instead mainly wielding the power of Death. See Fel#Effects on beings and Demon#Characteristics. This ultimately proved to be a result of being corrupted primarily by Death instead of fel. During the battle with the order leaders and the Pantheon, Argus would take on a red tone after he was infused with Sargeras' power. This would carry over after his death, with his soul taking a red color.


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Notes and trivia

  • Argus' weapon, the  [Scythe of the Unmaker], can be looted from his boss chest, coming in blue (Raid Finder, Normal and Heroic) and red (Mythic) variants.
  • Argus' helm bears a certain resemblance to the headgear worn by Galactus, a notorious antagonist from Marvel canon.
  • Argus's spells in the database are labeled "deathtitan". His Grasp of the Unmaker ability was also originally called "Grasp of the Death Titan" on the Public Test Realm but was renamed in a later build.[13] At BlizzCon 2017, Alex Afrasiabi called Argus and, likely as a mistake, Outland, "death titans".[14][citation needed]  Many of Argus' spell effects are reused in Battle for Azeroth, often tied to Death-related characters such as Gorak Tul or Bwonsamdi. In Shadowlands, Dapperdew calls Argus a "Death Titan", marking the first in-universe usage of the title. Finally, in patch 9.2, the N [60] Acquaintances Forgotten quest confirmed that the nathrezim corrupted Argus with Death magic.
  • There is an unused raid model named 7du_argusraid_corewing01 in the game files, indicating that Argus was originally meant to be seen as a giant titanic body bound in chains (see Gallery below). He would have been a scene model, constituting a wing of the raid, rather than a boss model.[15] This is also supported by the model name for Kin'garoth being TitanBuilder,[16] indicating that he was intended to be working on Argus' titanic body.
  • The idea may have come from the Human-Reaper boss from Mass Effect 2.


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