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This article is about the cult of the Burning Legion. For other uses and appearances, see Argus (disambiguation).
NeutralArgus Wake
Main leader Unnamed master[1]
Secondary leaders IconSmall Orc Male Nagaz †
Race(s) OrcOrc Orc
HumanHuman Human
Character classes Warrior, Warlock
Theater of operations Alterac Mountains; Arathi Highlands
Affiliation Shadow Council,[2] Burning Legion
Status Crippled

The Argus Wake are a mysterious group allied to the Syndicate in Alterac. According to Thrall, they are members of the Shadow Council.[2]

The Argus Wake has made use of bloodstone, primarily in the form of Bloodstone Amulets and the Inv misc orb 03 [Befouled Bloodstone Orb]. The amulets were then distributed among the Syndicate.

Nearly all the information about this group comes from a letter, which was found by adventurers of the Alliance, and translated by Prospector Stormpike.



Name Status Occupation
IconSmall Orc Male Nagaz Deceased Leader of the Argus Wake forces in Alterac; Hierophant
IconSmall Orc Female Marez Cowl Unknown Advisor and warlock of the Argus Wake
IconSmall Human Female Darbel Montrose (presumed) Killable Warlock of the Shadow Council
IconSmall Human Female Kira Iresoul Alive Warlock and member of the Council of the Black Harvest


Letter by Nagaz[]

Decrypted Letter

Greetings, Master,

Forgive me for the method of sending this message. My shadow mages in Alterac are intent on their tasks, forcing me to use a foreign messenger — conscripted from our new "allies" — to bring you this report. But I have encrypted this letter with one of our most esoteric ciphers. Its words are safe from these yokels.

Our plans progress well; as mentioned, we made an alliance with a group of humans who call themselves the Syndicate. Its leaders were once the nobles of Alterac and they crave to once again hold sway here.

And so they have struck a bargain with us. A bargain they will regret.

Today the Syndicate holds little power in these lands, but they know the area well and have assembled sufficient manpower for the tasks ahead. With proper guiding I am confident that soon, the Syndicate will again rule Alterac.

In addition, we have urged the Syndicate to aim for the city of Stromgarde in the nearby Arathi Highlands. The city is a battlefield between our forces, ogres and the humans of Stromgarde, but we feel that with careful tactics we will own this once great city.

And when this is done, the next stage of our plan may begin. With a nation of our own and a base of power in this region, we may then prepare the way for the Third Host.

Soon, the Legion Lords will reward our works by raining fire from the skies once again!

The Council was wise to appoint you head of the Argus Wake, marshal of their strategies in the land of humans and dwarves. And I am honored to serve as the hand of your will in Alterac.

In Sargeras' Name,

Nagaz, Argus Heirophant[1]


  • The group's name may have originated in Bloodlines, a scrapped game by Blizzard Entertainment. Concept art for the game includes a man with an eye icon on his forehead; beside him, the icon is drawn on its own and labeled "The Argus Wake".[3]


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

Judging from the last lines of the letter, it can be implied that the Argus Wake is one of the more powerful splinter cults of the Shadow Council, reporting directly to the higher powers of the Burning Legion. It is unknown who or what the "Third Host" is, however if the Argus Wake are servants of the Burning Legion, it is possible this note refers to a third host for Sargeras, the first two being Aegwynn and Medivh.

In other sources of Warcraft lore, a "host" is also the term used for the main body of an army. So it is also likely that the Third Host is the next invading force to be sent by the Burning Legion (the first having been sent during the War of the Ancients, and the second during the Third War).

The name Argus Wake is likely connected to the eredar homeworld of Argus. Out of universe, Argus may instead have been named after the Argus Wake. The Argus Wake was introduced in classic World of Warcraft, while Argus the planet wasn't invented until the draenei-eredar retcon of The Burning Crusade.

The bloodstone used by the Argus Wake may result from the stealing of a Bloodstone Artifact sent by Warden Belamoore to Dalaran.