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For the undead elves also known as Darkfallen, see Darkfallen.
NeutralArgussian Reach
Krokul Hovel
Main leader IconSmall Broken2 Male Chieftain Hatuun
Secondary leaders IconSmall Broken2 Male Lead Rider Jerek
Race(s) IconSmall Broken2 Male Broken
Character classes Seer, Warrior
Capital Krokul Hovel
Theater of operations Argus
Language(s) Draenei
Sub-group(s) Wranglers
Affiliation Independent
Status Active
Quartermaster IconSmall Broken2 Male Toraan the Revered
Notable reward(s) IconSmall Talbuk3 Argussian talbuk mounts
IconSmall VoidElf MaleIconSmall VoidElf Female Void elf allied race

“Argus will never belong to the Legion so long as we stand.”

Toraan the Revered

The Argussian Reach, also known as the Krokul or the Darkfallen,[1] is a faction associated to the Broken of Argus based in Krokul Hovel.

The krokul of the Argussian Reach have a division of wranglers led by Jerek.[2]

The Sacred Stone at the Krokul Hovel let them hear the whispers of the planet, which steadies their hearts.[3]


Hatuun sacrifice

The eredar that remained behind during the flight from Argus

The Argussian Reach are eredar who chose not to ally with the Burning Legion, but did not flee Argus aboard the Genedar in order to buy time to Prophet Velen and the naaru.[4] The millennia of exposure to the fel changed them into Broken, and the Legion hunts down constantly, with those captured being enslaved and worked to death. They have survived this long by tunneling away from the Legion's eyes, hiding and adapting, for in their hour of need, the land still listens to their pleas.[5] They have migrated from one hovel to the next, moving each time the Legion discovered them, and as such, they have always been low on supplies like food, tools and weapons, for they are never able to flee with their possessions.[6]

During the War of the Ancients, Broxigar leaped into Argus and confronted Sargeras himself before being struck down by the Dark Titan. The Broken honored the warrior with a small shrine composed of his surviving necklace, boot, and shoulder pad.[7]

The Broken of Argus were first encountered by the Armies of Legionfall and the Army of the Light upon their arrival on Krokuun, where order champions rescued a number of them from the Legion's clutches.[8] Afterwards, Prophet Velen sought them out at Krokul Hovel in hopes that they would serve as allies in the war, only to discover Hatuun, bitter and angry over their "abandonment" by the Prophet, though they were halted by High Exarch Turalyon before the situation could escalate into violence.[9] To earn the trust of Hatuun and his people, Turalyon had the order leader deal with the pit lord Aggonar and save the Broken at the Annihilan Pits.[10]

After the death of Xe'ra, Hatuun requested reinforcements to the Petrified Forest. Lead Rider Jerek and his wranglers required assistance in recovering their talbuk mounts, for they stood no chance against even the smallest of the Legion's forces without them,[11] and also requested a culling of the local panthara, as they threatened to hunt the wild talbuk down to extinction.[12] After the Forest was secured, Hatuun requested the retaking of Darkfall Ridge in order to rescue his people from Nath'raxas Hold, culminating in a rescue mission conducted by order followers.[13]

The Argussian Reach would provide their support to the war effort for the remainder of the conflict, offering their ridgestalkers in exchange for supplies.[14]

After the draenei won the Argus Campaign, and the Lightforged draenei pledged themselves to the Alliance, Toraan the Revered is nowhere to be found on the Vindicaar, and it is unclear what has happened to the remnants of Argus as well as the Broken draenei of Argussian Reach, although Velen mentions that although they found victory, there was "no salvation" to be had of their fallen world.[15] Before the Vindicaar returned to Azeroth, Velen offered Hatuun and his people to rejoin the draenei, but they chose to remain on Argus.[16] In time, they accepted the aid of man'ari eredar like Arzaal, who sought penitence for their deeds while in service to the Legion.[17] They continued to spy and oppose the remaining demons of the Burning Legion, and scouts were sent to the Grove of Naroua.



Name Role Condition Location
IconSmall Broken2 Male Chieftain Hatuun Leader of the Argussian Reach Alive Krokul Hovel, Krokuun
IconSmall Broken2 Male Alchemist Funen Alchemist Alive Krokul Hovel, Krokuun
IconSmall Broken2 Male Archivist Ionaa Caretaker of old relics Alive Krokul Hovel, Krokuun
IconSmall Broken2 Male Gaal Blacksmith Alive Krokul Hovel, Krokuun
IconSmall Broken2 Male Ke'nath General Goods vendor Alive Krokul Hovel, Krokuun
IconSmall Broken2 Male Lead Rider Jerek Lead rider of the Wranglers Alive Petrified Forest, Krokuun
IconSmall Broken2 Male Na'nuu Blacksmith Alive Krokul Hovel, Krokuun
IconSmall Broken2 Male Toraan the Revered Emissary Alive Vindicaar



Faction description[]

Although many struggled to oppose the Burning Legion's conquest of Argus, not all were able to escape. Emboldened by the arrival of new allies, these refugees and outcasts stand united in their mission to reclaim their home.

Earning reputation[]

Reputation with the Argussian Reach is primarily gained by completing the Argus storyline, by completing world quests and by doing emissaries. All rare elite world quests on Argus award reputation with both the Argussian Reach and the Army of the Light, while normal world quests for the faction are typically found only in Krokuun and Eredath. The weekly quests N [45W] Fuel of a Doomed World and N [45W] Invasion Onslaught award 1,000 reputation each for both factions as well.

Inv legion faction argussianreach [Argussian Reach Insignia], Inv legion faction argussianreach [Greater Argussian Reach Insignia] and Inv misc orb 04 [Demon's Soulstone] can also be used to earn reputation with the faction.

Reaching Exalted status with the Argussian Reach awards the Achievement master of argussian reach [Protector of the Argussian Reach] achievement. Additionally, achieving this standing is one of the requisites for unlocking the void elf allied race.


Toraan the Revered
<Argussian Reach Emissary>
Rep Item Cost Type
Friendly 70 professions scroll 02 [Formula: Chaos Shatter] 17g Recipe
70 professions scroll 02 [Technique: Mass Mill Astral Glory] 17g Recipe
Honored Oshugun crystalfragments [Crystalline Campfire] 75g Toy
Inv feasel purple [Orphaned Marsuul] 500g Battle pet
Inv axe 1h felbroken a 01 [Krokul Mining Pick] 200g One-handed Axe
Revered Inv misc flute 01 [Krokul Flute] 500g Utility
Achievement master of argussian reach [Boon of the Steadfast] 200g Shoulder enchant
Recipe: Astral Alchemist Stone (rank 2) 2,000g Recipe
Exalted Inv tabard a 94argussianreach [Argussian Reach Tabard] 300g Tabard
Inv argustalbukmount black [Reins of the Sable Ruinstrider] 10,000g Mount
Inv argustalbukmount red [Reins of the Russet Ruinstrider] 10,000g Mount
Inv argustalbukmount purple [Reins of the Amethyst Ruinstrider] 10,000g Mount
Inv argustalbukmount green [Reins of the Beryl Ruinstrider] 10,000g Mount
Inv argustalbukmount brown [Reins of the Umber Ruinstrider] 10,000g Mount
Inv argustalbukmount blue [Reins of the Cerulean Ruinstrider] 10,000g Mount
Recipe: Astral Healing Potion 2,000g Recipe
Inv recipe 70 scroll3star [Recipe: Astral Alchemist Stone] 3,000g Recipe
Paragon Inv misc cat trinket05 [Cube of Discovery] Special Utility

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