The eastern spider area

The western saurolisk area

The Arid Basin is located in southern Vol'dun, immediately south of the Scorched Sands Outpost and southwest of Zul'Ahjin.[44, 80] The northern edges of the basin are lined with ancient walls and platforms, with stairs leading up towards the Scorched Sands Outpost and Zul'Ahjin. Various paths wind their way south from the basin through the Redrock Lowlands to the Eternal Spring, past Randall's Refuge to the Ashvane Encampment, or to the southern shoreline where the paths slit off southeast to Redrock Harbor and west to Deadwood Cove.

The eastern, more elevated parts of the Arid Basin are infested with bone spiders, while the main basin area is filled with saurolisks. A pack of hyenas live in the Snarlfang Den near the southwestern end.