Image of Ariden
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Dark Riders
Occupation Leader of the Dark Riders
Former occupation(s) Merchant
Location Various
Status Deceased (lore)
Killable Legion
Relative(s) Laith Sha'ol (father)[1]

Ariden was a human and the leader of the Dark Riders of Deadwind Pass.


Ariden was once the leader of a group of charlatan merchants who sold counterfeit artifacts. From his base at Ariden's Camp in Deadwind Pass, he and his group attempted to cheat Medivh by selling those fraudulent items. Unfortunately for the group, Medivh was possessed by Sargeras at the time. In revenge for their trickery, Medivh cursed the group to forever hunt real magical artifacts and bring them back to him at Karazhan. It is not known exactly what curse Medivh placed on them, or if they are undead or not, but the Dark Riders have haunted the kingdom of Stormwind, and especially Duskwood, ever since.[2] For years his camp in Deadwind had been left untouched, perhaps out of some remaining humanity. Ariden still kept a journal despite his curse, and is angered when others trespass into the camp.[3]

Some time after becoming cursed, Ariden was tempted to seek out his legacy, the dread blade  [Apocalypse], in its hiding place in the Badlands,[4] despite the belief that the merchant he once was had no special bloodline.[3] He was, in truth, the son[1] of a deceased Tirisgarde named Laith Sha'ol who once wielded the blade, but Sha'ol's ghost insisted that Apocalypse must remain buried and that Ariden could not control the unbridled wrath within.[5]

Ariden makes his first appearance when he appears at a gathering of Belysra Starbreeze, Valorn Stillbough, and a druid adventurer to steal the Scythe of Elune, a relic the Riders had been seeking for some time. After killing Valorn and stealing the weapon, Ariden runs off[6] with the druid in pursuit. Ariden is followed to Karazhan not only by the druid, but also by a warlock, a death knight, and Revil Kost, a priest who had dealt with the Dark Riders before. After they find clues as to his whereabouts at his old camp, Ariden is pursued into the Dark Riders' base of operations beneath Karazhan. He and his Dark Riders hold them off, but despite Ariden even claiming the artifacts that they are after, he is defeated.

Mile Raitheborne writes in the Tome of Blighted Implements that "there are conflicting reports about how he met his end,"[7] which varies depending on the class that is fighting Ariden, and the Artifact he is wielding.


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Deadwind Pass 98 - 110 1,495,660
Karazhan Catacombs 98 - 110 1,521,578
 [Apocalypse] encounter 98 - 110 897,396
 [Scythe of Elune] encounter 98 - 110 1,009,570
 [Ulthalesh, the Deadwind Harvester] encounter 98 - 110 1,555,238



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