An arkonite crystal in the Tomb of Lights, Auchindoun.

An arkonite defense crystal in Azuremyst Isle.

Arkonite is a crystal-like material. It was created by Exarch Hataaru of the draenei Artificers after his arrival on Draenor. Harnessing the planet's raw materials, he created these purple crystals as a potent source of arcane energy.[1]

Arkonite Crystals are used to power everyday items in draenei society.[2] They power arcane devices and light sources,[1][3] and they can also be used to channel magics.[4] Arkonite can also be used as defense crystals by the draenei.[5][6] When the Old Horde almost wiped out the draenei from Draenor, Velen ordered his artificers to reinforce Telredor's defenses. The draenei smiths constructed a network of arkonite crystals that shrouded the temple's presence from the Horde.[7]

The draenei of Azuremyst Isle were eventually able to build back up their own arkonite defense crystals during the third invasion.[8]

On alternate Draenor

Most of the arkonite produced by the draenei is supplied to Shattrath City and Auchindoun.[9] They are also used to power town shields, including at Telaar.[10]

Arkonite Pylons are used to generate power for the tombs outside Auchindoun, and they are sometimes repurposed to power surrounding small towns in emergencies.[11]

Tainted Arkonite Crystals can also be found at the harbor of Shattrath City. Interacting with them gives players the Arkonite Empowerment debuff, which can be then used to gain the  [Charged Up] achievement.

An important source of arkonite is the Jorune Mine in Talador.[9] It is also mined from below the mountains of Tanaan Jungle.[12]

Arkonite crystals were used by the draenei in Karabor during the Defense of Karabor.



This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.
  • Because of the similarities between the two minerals and how they were used, Hataaru's creation of arkonite was most likely an attempt to reproduce argunite.
  • Since it powers up Auchindoun's defenses, the Heart of Auchindoun is presumably arkonite.

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