An arkonite crystal in the Tomb of Lights, Auchindoun.

An arkonite defense crystal in Azuremyst Isle.

Arkonite is a crystal-like material. It was created by Exarch Hataaru of the draenei Artificers after his arrival on Draenor. Harnessing the planet's raw materials, he created these purple crystals as a potent source of arcane energy.[1]

Arkonite Crystals are used to power everyday items in draenei society.[2] They power arcane devices and light sources,[1][3] and they can also be used to channel magics.[4]

Most of the arkonite produced by the draenei is supplied to Shattrath City and Auchindoun.[5] They are also used to power town shields, including at Telaar.[6]

Arkonite Pylons are used to generate power for the tombs outside Auchindoun, and they are sometimes repurposed to power surrounding small towns in emergencies.[7]

Tainted Arkonite Crystals can also be found at the harbor of Shattrath City. Interacting with them gives players the Arkonite Empowerment debuff, which can be then used to gain the  [Charged Up] achievement.

An important source of arkonite is the Jorune Mine in Talador.[5] It is also mined from below the mountains of Tanaan Jungle.[8]

Arkonite can also be used as defense crystals by the draenei.[9][10] The draenei of Azuremyst Isle were eventually able to build back up their own arkonite defense crystals during the third invasion.[11]



This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.
  • Because of the similarities between the two minerals and how they were used, Hataaru's creation of arkonite was most likely an attempt to reproduce argunite.
  • Since it powers up Auchindoun's defenses, the Heart of Auchindoun is presumably arkonite.

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