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Gender Male
Race Human
Class Mage
Affiliation(s) Kirin Tor, Council of Tirisfal, Magocracy of Dalaran
Occupation Archmage
Status Deceased
Student(s) Merina (apprentice)
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Arrexis was a powerful and well known archmage of the Violet Citadel before the First War. He was also secretly a member of the Council of Tirisfal and wielded Inv staff 2h artifactantonidas d 01 [Ebonchill], the staff of Alodi, the first Guardian.[1] He was described as a respected, great sage.[2]


Arrexis was a lover of knowledge. For days on end, he would lock himself in his personal archives, poring over ancient tomes and scrolls. When Ebonchill passed to him, he decided to study the greatstaff rather than wield it in battle. Arrexis knew well the weapon's history and deadly potential. From his examinations, Arrexis believed that he could employ Ebonchill as a catalyst to power great spells--feats of magic that normally only a Guardian would be capable of. Over time, he harnessed the weapon's energies and used them to research new types of warding spells.[3]

In pursuit of his studies, Arrexis gathered his apprentice magi and from his camp in Deadwind Pass, Arrexis was performing research on Karazhan and the way it bends reality. He found a way to stop the warping from happening within special wards, but while bringing the wards up reality was weakened. Medivh, who was possessed by Sargeras and secretly killing members of the Council of Tirisfal in "accidents",[4] came to the camp and encouraged Arrexis to try his ritual on demonic realms. Arrexis caught the attention of the eredar Balaadur. The catastrophe ended with Arrexis and all of his apprentices dead, Balaadur taking Ebonchill, Daio exiled from the Kirin Tor for his part in it, and all records of Arrexis destroyed and stripped from Kirin Tor records so that no one would repeat his mistakes.[1] Even Meryl Winterstorm, the remaining founding member of the Order who was absent for much of these events, was not told of what had happened to the missing Arrexis.[1]