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Artcraft was a series of official blogs exploring the work of the World of Warcraft art team.

Focusing on the work being done for the Warlords of Draenor Warlords of Draenor expansion, the blogs were presented by senior art director Chris Robinson, and feature first glimpses of new and under-development art, as well as discussing the decisions and processes behind the work. The majority of the blogs focused on showcasing new models for the character model update.



The Artcraft blogs feature artistic and written contributions by numerous members of the World of Warcraft art team, and occasionally other members of the development team.


Blood Elf Update[]

Level Design Part 4[]

Level Design Part 3[]

Level Design Part 2[]

Level Design Part 1[]

Dem Trolls, Mon[]

Updated Facial Customization[]

Body Moovin'[]

Son of Exodar[]

Champion of Stormwind[]

Concept: Class Accessories[]

Huntress of Teldrassil[]

The Spires of Arak[]

Daughter of Argus[]

Running of the Bulls[]

April Fools — Remaking the Female Draenei[]

Daughter of Draenor[]

Building a Garrison[]

A First Look[]

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