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Image of Arthura
Gender Female
Race Val'kyr (Humanoid)
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Undercity
Location Various
Status Deceased

Arthura is a Val'kyr in service to the Dark Lady.


Arthura is first seen in Deathknell raising new Forsaken around the Deathknell Graves. She is present for the meeting between Garrosh and Sylvanas, where Sylvanas reveals that the Val'kyr have joined the Forsaken. The nearby Val'kyr Agatha then resurrects the nearby fallen corpses as Forsaken, much to the disgust of Garrosh and High Warlord Cromush. Arthura is next seen in Sepulcher from where she takes the Horde adventurer to the Forsaken Forward Command in the Ruins of Gilneas. When the command was attacked by the Alliance, she took Deathstalker Commander Belmont to Emberstone Village. The two of them and the player fight their way to the corpse of Lord Godfrey, whom Lady Sylvanas had plans for. Arthura and the player make their escape with his corpse, while Belmont remains behind, confident that he can make it back to the basecamp.

Arthura later aids in the resurrection of Lord Godfrey and his lieutenants. When Lord Godfrey betrays and kills Sylvanas, Agatha and Daschla are immediately willing to sacrifice themselves to bring her back, while Arthura was hesitantly pointing out that they would die in the act resurrecting Sylvanas. Arthura eventually agrees to sacrifice herself after being reminded of the pact they made.


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Deathknell 10 11,880
Silverpine Forest 15 19,680


  • Arthura says: Do not be afraid. I will not let you fall.
  • Arthura says: What about you, Belmont? How will you back?
Deathstalker Commander Belmont says: I'll be fine, Arthura. The worgen lost our scent. It's doubtful that they even know we're here.
Deathstalker Commander Belmont says: I'll probably make it back to the Forsaken Front before you two, er three.
Deathstalker Commander Belmont says: Now move out! You must not keep the Banshee Queen waiting.
Arthura says: So be it, Belmont.
  • Arthura says: Oh my...hang on tight!

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