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  • Artifact Fragment
  • A tiny fragment of an Ashran lost artifact. Treasured by the Highmaul Ogres.
  • Total Maximum: 1,000

Artifact Fragments are the currency of Ashran, gained primarily from looting mobs and the corpses of enemy players who possessed them. Fragments can be turned in through special NPCs at the faction base in order to activate special features for the player's faction, such as sending powerful NPCs to attack the enemy, or activating special warlock gateways to instantly transport players between areas of Ashran.

Turning in Artifact Fragments for these purposes is the aim of a number of repeatable quests, rewarding additional [Honor Points] and/or reputation. However, the main goal is to further the faction's progress within the current battle.

While Artifact Fragments stack to 1,000, it may not be wise to hold onto them for too long. If the player dies they will lose half of all their current Artifact Fragments, with enemy players able to loot the lost Fragments from their corpses. This deters players from hoarding Fragements, and forces them to balance time wasted running from secondary areas to their faction base while farming with the ever-present risk of being slain by the enemy.

For further information on the uses of Artifact Fragments within the zone, see Ashran.


  • Looted from all mobs and various objects on the isle.
  • Rewarded from special objectives and events, such as completing POIs.

As a quest objective

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Turning in Artifact Fragments to NPCs will reward the player with 3 [Honor Points] and 5 reputation for each 1 Artifact Fragment, the reputation being with the Vol'jin's Spear faction for Horde players, and with the Wrynn's Vanguard faction for Alliance players.[1]

As currency

Item Cost
 [Kowalski's Music Box] 500 Artifact Fragment
Alliance  [LeBlanc's Recorder] 500 Artifact Fragment
Horde  [LeBlanc's Recorder] 500 Artifact Fragment
 [Proximity Alarm-o-Bot 2000] 50 Artifact Fragment
Horde  [Vol'jin's Spear Battle Standard] 50 Artifact Fragment
Alliance  [Wrynn's Vanguard Battle Standard] 50 Artifact Fragment
Alliance  [Bizmo's Big Bang Boom Bomb] 25 Artifact Fragment
Horde  [Gazlowe's Gargantuan Grenade] 25 Artifact Fragment
 [Preserved Discombobulator Ray] 25 Artifact Fragment
Alliance  [Flimsy X-Ray Goggles] 20 Artifact Fragment
Horde  [Flimsy X-Ray Goggles] 20 Artifact Fragment
 [Phantom Potion] 10 Artifact Fragment
 [Vintage Free Action Potion] 10 Artifact Fragment

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