The Forge of the Guardian, the artifact forge for mages.

An artifact forge is a powerful object found in each order hall that can be used to alter and upgrade artifact weapons.

Prior to patch 8.0.1, their primary purpose was to allow the choosing of artifact traits by consuming Artifact Power; now, most of them can only be used to change a weapon's appearance. The Luminous Pearl is the only forge that can still be used to its full extent, since the  [Underlight Angler]'s power was not sacrificed to subdue the Sword of Sargeras.

Each artifact forge is also accompanied by an NPC who, before the artifacts were burned out, could reset an artifact's traits when spoken to.

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List of forges

Class Name Location
Death knight Death knight Soul Forge Acherus: The Ebon Hold
Demon hunter Demon hunter Cursed Forge of the Nathrezim On the lower level of the Fel Hammer.
Druid Druid Seed of Ages West of the Circle of Spirits in the Dreamgrove after N Druid [10-45] Sowing The Seed.
Hunter Hunter Altar of the Eternal Hunt On the lower floor of the Trueshot Lodge.
Mage Mage Forge of the Guardian In the Guardian's Library, the (upper?) floor of the Hall of the Guardian.
Monk Monk Forge of the Roaring Mountain Inside the Temple of Five Dawns.
Paladin Paladin Altar of Ancient Kings Sanctum of Light
Priest Priest Altar of Light and Shadow At the northern end of the Hall of Balance in Netherlight Temple.
Rogue Rogue Crucible of the Uncrowned Hall of Shadows
Shaman Shaman Ancient Elemental Altar Heart of Azeroth
Warlock Warlock Felblood Altar Dreadscar Rift
Warrior Warrior Forge of Odyn Skyhold
All classes Underlight Pearl At the Dalaran fountain after N Fishing [10-45] The Dalaran Fountain; requires completion of N Fishing [10-45] Fish Frenzy to use.


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