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This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

As Our Fathers Before Us is a short story by Steven Nix featured on the official site. It is the seventh in the Leaders of Azeroth series, released on July 12, 2011,[1] and centers on the tauren's High Chieftain Baine Bloodhoof.


Of all the heroes of the tauren tradition, Cairne Bloodhoof stands highest among them for his contributions to his race. Uniting a people who had been nomadic for countless generations, securing an alliance that saved his race from extinction at the hands of the centaur, establishing the first permanent capital city the tauren had ever known -- the list of his accomplishments grows with each retelling.

As the new high chieftain, Baine Bloodhoof now struggles to hold together the legacy that his father helped create. In the face of increased dissension from the tribes over Garrosh Hellscream's ever-present demands, Alliance incursions from the Barrens, and quilboar assaults on his people, the young chieftain finds his leadership tested as never before.[1]


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