The temple of Ashamane.

The statue of Ashamane.

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Ashamane's Fall is a small temple tucked away in the northeastern corner of Val'sharah. 10,000 years ago during the War of the Ancients, the mighty Wild God Ashamane fought relentlessly against a mighty demon known as Ronokon. Ashamane was able to defeat Ronokon, but in his death, a magnificent amount of fel energy exploded from his body that killed Ashamane and altered the landscape forever. Her sacrifice saved countless lives, and to honor her, a great shrine was built in Val'sharah at the site of her demise.[1] They also placed her fangs here and to this day, a group of druids known as the Ashen keep watch over the shrine.[2]

Occasionally Leafbeard the Storied, an ancient of lore, will appear here and tell stories about the War of the Ancients.



It is also an instanced PvP arena.

There are following non-targetable NPCs:

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