The Silver Hand leaders purifying the crystal.

The dark crystal before and after its purification.

In the Southshore inn within the Old Hillsbrad Foothills instance, many of the leaders of the Silver Hand (and some of the future leaders of the Scarlet Crusade)—Commander Mograine, Arcanist Doan, Isillien, Tirion Fordring, Abbendis, and Fairbanks—can be seen gathered around a table with a large chest on it. When a player enters the inn, they will begin discussing the impending Scourge invasion from Northrend, and reveal the origin of the Ashbringer.

Event script

Commander Mograine says: Keep your voices down. There are strangers about...
Commander Mograine says: Brothers and sisters, I have called you here today to discuss the fate of Lordaeron.
Commander Mograine lowers his voice to a whisper.
Commander Mograine says: I hear things... Things that should not be.
Commander Mograine says: The dead rise... Undead, from the frozen northlands. Whole cities have gone missing. I...
Commander Mograine says: I have heard that Northrend is lost...
Gasps can be heard throughout the room.
Commander Mograine says: We must stand at the ready. I have faced undead before. They are ruthless killing machines, devoid of any emotion or compassion.
Tirion Fordring nods.
Tirion Fordring says: Aye, I've battled them as well. We are ill-prepared as a kingdom to withstand such an assault.
Arcanist Doan says: What do you propose, Mograine?
Commander Mograine says: Propose? I propose that we prepare. That we prepare our loved ones, family and friends for the possibility of an undead holocaust.
Commander Mograine says: And there is this...
Commander Mograine unlocks the chest.
A Dark Crystal hovers above the chest.
Brigitte rears back in shock.
Abbendis says: By the Light! What is it?
Commander Mograine says: I have had this object in my possession for 10 years. Since Blackrock Spire...
Commander Mograine says: I wrested it free from the remains of an orc lieutenant - a dark caster... It is from their homeworld.
Commander Mograine says: Do not get too close. I laid a hand upon it once... Only once and never again. The memories of that day still linger.
Commander Mograine removes the gauntlet from his right arm and shows everyone his mangled hand.
Commander Mograine: says: I surmise that this object is the living embodiment of shadows... darkness... It is a manifestation. It is a void.
Isillien says: I do not see how this evil artifact is relevant to the undead. We must destroy it!
Commander Mograine shakes his head.
Commander Mograine says: No, old friend, it is very relevant.
Commander Mograine says: Let me ask you this, brothers and sisters: Can good exist without evil? Can there be light without dark?
Commander Mograine says: And if that answer is no, then could it be possible that because this artifact exists, its polar opposite must also exist?
Commander Mograine says: Could you imagine what the material manifestation of the Light could do against the undead?
Isillien says: Nonsense, Mograine! It must be destroyed!
Isillien casts [Smite] upon the crystal in an attempt to destroy it.
Shock then silence overtakes the crowd.
Alexandros gets to his feet.
Commander Mograine says: It consumed the Light!
Tirion Fordring says: Impossible!
Tirion casts [Holy Shock] on the crystal.
Fairbanks: says: Is... Is it getting lighter? Its coloration... It is changing.
Fairbanks casts [Heal] on the crystal, then Tirion, Abbendis and Isillien join in with holy spells, the four casting repeatedly.
The Dark Crystal turns into a Light Crystal.
Commander Mograine says: BY THE LIGHT! Could it be? Could this be it? I must know... I will know.
Commander Mograine reaches out to touch the light crystal.
Alexandros "casts" Touched by the Light.
Alexandros cries out in rapture as the Light washes over him and he kneels, healing his hand.
Commander Mograine says: I... It... It is beautiful. What I felt when I touched it... The Light coursed through me and I through it... It healed my spirit.
Isillien says: Your hand! It is healed!
Commander Mograine puts the crystal back inside the chest.
Alexandros sits back down.
Commander Mograine says: Let us never again speak of this day. Our enemies are many. They need not know we hold such artifacts.
Commander Mograine says: I have seen it... From this blessed crystal we will forge a weapon. This weapon will hold inside it a piece of each of us... And when it is used against undead, it shall cast them down. And in its wake, it will leave only ashes...
Tirion salutes simultaneously as he next speaks.
Tirion Fordring says: The Ashbringer...
The rest follow this, saluting at the same time.
Arcanist Doan says: The Ashbringer...
Fairbanks says: The Ashbringer...
Abbendis says: The Ashbringer...
Isillien says: The Ashbringer...

After the script event, Chef Jessen comes out to order the crowd to shut up:

Chef Jessen says: This is madness! I've had enough! ENOUGH!
Chef Jessen says: EVERYBODY LISTEN UP!
Chef Jessen says: I'm speakin' to you too, mister fancy britches Mograine! SHUT YER YAP!
Chef Jessen says: NOW, everybody in this bar is gonna keep the noise to a minimum or ol' Jessen is gonna bust out his rollin' pin and go orc on all of ya! IS EVERYONE CLEAR?!!!
Jessen performs the /rude emote.
Chef Jessen says: AAAAAAaaaarrrrgh!!!!! SHUT IT!


This event is portrayed very differently in Death is Contagious, the first issue of the Ashbringer comic.

  • In the comic, the meeting takes place much later: a few days after the Culling of Stratholme instead of during Thrall's escape.
  • Tirion Fordring had already been exiled from the Silver Hand, meaning he was not present at the event.
  • Brigitte Abbendis was not present either; instead, her father High General Abbendis was.
  • The name "Ashbringer" was not coined by Alexandros until much later, after Magni Bronzebeard had forged it into a sword and Alexandros saw the effect it had on the undead.


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