For the history and background of the item, see Ashbringer. For the artifact released in World of Warcraft: Legion, see  [Ashbringer].

Ashbringer has been subject to intense speculation since the release of World of Warcraft. Rumors have been fueled by data-mined graphics and item statistics, as well as NPCs alluding to its existence.

At the launch of the World of Warcraft, the only reference to Ashbringer by name was made by Caretaker Alen. It was hinted at further with the introduction of Dire Maul. Alexia Ironknife, Bardu Sharpeye, Caretaker Alen, Narain Soothfancy, Commander Eligor Dawnbringer, Shen'dralar Zealots and  [Nat Pagle's Guide to Extreme Anglin'] all make references to Ashbringer. Information from these NPCs implied that Asbhringer was somehow lost and that Nat Pagle and Prince Tortheldrin knew the location, and were even willing to tell the player; however, they never shared their knowledge.

The mystery surrounding Ashbringer created great interest and discussion among players, who searched for a hidden or unlockable quest that would reward Ashbringer. Rumors regarding an acquirable Ashbringer persisted until a European CM admitted that it was not in-game, quickly followed by Eyonix's confirmation:

European CM Response on Ashbringer! | 2006-02-24 19:15 | Blizzard Entertainment Eyonix

It's true that currently Ashbringer is not in the game, although one day in the future it will be, but not until after there is an awesome legendary item for casters. ;)

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The caster legendary item being referred to was Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian, which was added in patch 1.11.0.

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