For the history and background of the item, see Ashbringer. For the original GM item, see  [Ashbringer].

The Ashbringer is the artifact used by retribution paladins in World of Warcraft: Legion.


This item is a quest reward from N Paladin [10-45] The Search for the Highlord.


King Magni Bronzebeard forged the Ashbringer from a piece of crystal purified by wielders of the Holy Light. This gave the sword strange Light-bearing powers. It was named for its ability to slaughter undead, leaving nothing but ash in its wake. Ashbringer passed through several hands, serving both Light and Shadow, before it came to the legendary paladin Tirion Fordring, who used it to shatter the Lich King’s runeblade, Frostmourne, on the top of Icecrown Citadel. Tirion has carried Ashbringer with him ever since.[1]

Artifact traits

Ashbringer interface.jpg


Ability Ranks Linked powers
[Ashbringer's Light] 1 None
[Ashes to Ashes] 1 Might of the Templar; Protector of the Ashen Blade
[Blade of Light] 1 Deliver the Justice; Righteous Blade; Wake of Ashes
[Deflection] 4 Echo of the Highlord; Sharpened Edge
[Deliver the Justice] 4 Blade of Light; Sharpened Edge
[Divine Tempest] 1 Embrace the Light
[Echo of the Highlord] 1 Deflection
[Embrace the Light] 4 Divine Tempest; Highlord's Judgment
[Endless Resolve] 1 Highlord's Judgment; Might of the Templar
[Healing Storm] 1 Wrath of the Ashbringer
[Highlord's Judgment] 4 Embrace the Light; Endless Resolve; Wrath of the Ashbringer
[Might of the Templar] 4 Ashes to Ashes; Endless Resolve
[Protector of the Ashen Blade] 4 Ashes to Ashes; Unbreakable Will
[Righteous Blade] 4 Blade of Light; Unbreakable Will
[Sharpened Edge] 4 Deflection; Deliver the Justice; Wrath of the Ashbringer
[Unbreakable Will] 1 Protector of the Ashen Blade; Righteous Blade
[Wake of Ashes] 1 Blade of Light
[Wrath of the Ashbringer] 4 Highlord's Judgment; Sharpened Edge

Hidden trait: [Ashbringer]


Ability Ranks
[Ferocity of the Silver Hand] 1
[Righteous Verdict] 4
[Blessing of the Ashbringer] 1
[Judge Unworthy] 1
[Concordance of the Legionfall] 50


Inv sword 2h artifactashbringer d 01.png Classic

Achievement:  [Fighting with Style: Classic]

This is the default appearance Recover one of the Pillars of Creation Recover  [Light's Heart]
N [10-45] Light's Charge
Complete the first major Campaign effort with your order
N Paladin [10-45] The Codex of Command

Inv sword 2h artifactashbringerpurified d 03.png Upgraded: Greatsword of the Righteous

Achievement:  [Fighting with Style: Upgraded]

Greatsword of the Righteous.jpg
Greatsword of the Righteous2.jpg
Greatsword of the Righteous3.jpg
Greatsword of the Righteous4.jpg
Complete the paladin Order Campaign
 [Forged for Battle]
Unlock every artifact trait
 [Power Realized]
Research the full history of the artifact
 [Part of History]
Obtain eight rare archeological finds
 [This Side Up]

Inv sword 2h artifactashbringerfire d 03.png Valorous: Burning Reprisal

Achievement:  [Fighting with Style: Valorous]

Burning Reprisal.jpg
Burning Reprisal2.jpg
Burning Reprisal3.jpg
Burning Reprisal4.jpg
Complete the Balance of Power questline
 [Improving on History]
Kill eight world bosses
 [Unleashed Monstrosities]
Complete a Mythic Mode Dungeon using a level 15 keystone
 [Keystone Master]
Earn the achievement  [Glory of the Legion Hero]

Inv sword 2h artifactashbringershadow d 03.png War-torn: Fallen Hope

Achievement: Alliance  [Fighting with Style: War-torn]/Horde  [Fighting with Style: War-torn]

Fallen Hope.jpg
Fallen Hope2.jpg
Fallen Hope3.jpg
Fallen Hope4.jpg
Participate in Player vs. Player combat and reach  [Honor Level 10] Reach  [Honor Level 30] Reach  [Honor Level 50] Reach  [Honor Level 80]

Inv sword 2h artifactashbringerlightning d 03.png Challenging: Shattered Reckoning

Achievement:  [Fighting with Style: Challenging]

Shattered Reckoning.jpg
Shattered Reckoning2.jpg
Shattered Reckoning3.jpg
Shattered Reckoning4.jpg
Complete the God-Queen Challenge questline Defeat Heroic Kiljaeden after unlocking a Challenge artifact appearance Win 10 rated battlegrounds after unlocking a Challenge artifact appearance Defeat all Legion dungeon bosses after unlocking a challenge artifact appearance

Inv sword 2h artifactashbringer d 06.png Hidden: Corrupted Remembrance

Achievement:  [Fighting with Style: Hidden]

Corrupted Remembrance.jpg
Corrupted Remembrance2.jpg
Corrupted Remembrance3.jpg
Corrupted Remembrance4.jpg
Acquire  [Heart of Corruption] Complete 30 Legion dungeons after unlocking a Hidden artifact appearance Complete 200 World Quests after unlocking a Hidden artifact appearance Kill 1,000 enemy players after unlocking a Hidden artifact appearance


Upon killing enemies, very rarely the Ashbringer can speak to you, though it is not shown in text chat.

  • Courage is your greatest weapon.
  • Find the strength within.
  • Put your faith in the Light.
  • The Ashbringer...
  • Ashes to ashes.
  • In the Light, we are one.
  • Remain vigilant.
  • Unbreakable.
  • We stand together.
  • Hope... never dies.
  • Light, grant me one final blessing.
  • Do not lose faith.
  • This is our final stand.
  • The hour of justice has come.
  • We must unite.
  • Together.



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