The larger lake.

Ashen Lake[19, 50] is the largest of the lakes in Mount Hyjal and is located in between the Grove of Aessina and the Sanctuary of Malorne. The lake is divided in two parts, the upper larger lake and the lower smaller lake from which the larger flows into.

Tortolla can be found chained up at the smaller lake with his eggs found in both. Charbringers can be found on the path, that follows the lake side, burning the land.


  • Before being implemented in Cataclysm, the area where the big lake is was already present in the vanilla "Hyjal" zone. But it was not a lake at all, instead it was a deep valley filled with trees (which can still be seen in the present lake under the water). It also had a a big cavern entrance with a raid portal (using the Onyxia's Lair entrance) that is not present in the current area. This entrance could have been intended to lead to the same Barrow Deeps where Illidan Stormrage was imprisoned.


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