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Ashenvale is a level 20-25 contested zone in northern Kalimdor, directly between the Alliance zone of Darkshore and the Horde zones of Azshara and Northern Barrens. With its location between one Alliance zone, two Horde zones and two contested zones, many of the quests directly involve the conflict between the factions.


Relara Whitemoon quest chain

This quest chain starts at Orendil's Retreat and spans much of the early zone, going through quest givers at Maestra's Post, Astranaar, and Raynewood Tower. In it, players are trying to heal the young night elf Relara Whitemoon at the bequest of the elf Orendil Broadleaf. He and his apprentices have players collect the leaves of the ancient Bathran and then sanctify them in the moonlight. When that doesn't work, players seek out Elune's Tear and purify it in a moonwell - however in return they are asked to redeem the satyr Avrus Illwhisper. Upon completing this task, the young night elf is healed.

  1. A [7-30] Ashes in Ashenvale or A [7-30] Hero's Call: Ashenvale! (optional breadcrumb quests)
  2. A [7-30] Bathran's Hair / A [7-30] Don't Forget the Horde
  3. A [7-30] Delivery for Orendil
  4. A [7-30] Bathed in Light
  5. A [7-30] Orendil's Cure
  6. A [7-30] Elune's Tear
  7. A [7-30] A Trip to the Moonwell
  8. A [7-30] He Who Would Be Forgiven
  9. A [7-30] In the Hands of the Perverse
  10. A [7-30] All's Well

Blackfathom Camp

Players are sent here from Orendil's Retreat to investigate the Naga presence in the area.

  1. A [7-30] West to the Strand (optional breadcrumb)
  2. A [7-30] The Ancient Statuettes / A [7-30] Naga of the Strand
  3. A [7-30] Ruuzel

Maestra's Post

Sentinel Onaeya sends players out to repel the Horde's forces attacking Maestra's Post:

  1. A [7-30] A Squad of Your Own
  2. A [7-30] Respect for the Fallen

Liladris Moonriver and Moon Priestess Maestra have players clear out the Furbolg attacking the ruins behind the post:

After completing the other quests, Sentinel Avana offers A [7-30] Astranaar Bound, taking the player to Astranaar, the main city in Ashenvale.

Dartol's Rod quest chain

This quest chain starts at Maestra's Post and spans much of the zone. It requires the completion of the Relara Whitemoon quest chain up to and including A [7-30] Bathed in Light. In this quest chain, players recreate the mysterious Dartol's Rod with the help of the Dryad Shael'dryn at Raynewood Retreat, then use it to incite an uprising of the Horde's captured Furbolg at the bequest of the escaped Furbolg Krolg.

  1. A [7-30] Finding Teronis
  2. A [7-30] The Lost Gem
  3. A [7-30] To Raene Wolfrunner
  4. A [7-30] Dryad Delivery
  5. A [7-30] Search the Bole
  6. A [7-30] Playing Possum
  7. A [7-30] Return to Raene
  8. A [7-30] Dartol's Rod
  9. A [7-30] King of the Foulweald
  10. A [7-30] A New Adornment
  11. A [7-30] True Power of the Rod


When the player first enters Astranaar, it is on fire, under attack from Watch Wind Riders. Sentinel Thenysil sends players to resist this attack:

  1. A [7-30] Astranaar's Burning!
  2. A [7-30] Return Fire

Completing these two quests phases the fires and attackers out.

Vindicator Palanaar sends players to Forest Song via A [7-30] A Helping Hand.

Raene Wolfrunner starts a quest to clear out the Furbolg, but soon finds that they were intentionally set against Astranaar by the Trolls. In the process players meet Hephaestus Pilgrim, who sends them to his sister Sabina at the nearby volcano. The volcano is being controlled by Lord Magmathar and with the help of the other three elements (earth, water, wind), players defeat him.

  1. A [7-30] Culling the Furbolg Threat
  2. A [7-30] Corrupting Influence?
  3. A [7-30] Worgen Wisdom
  4. A [7-30] A Not-So-Charmed Life
  5. A [7-30] Go With The Flow
  6. N [7-30] Hot Lava / N [7-30] Put Out The Fire
  7. A [7-30] Vortex

Faldreas Goeth'Shael sends players to find his friends the Edunes and while doing so, players help prevent a demonic attack on Ashenvale together with the Ancient Big Baobob.

  1. A [7-30] Check in on the Edunes
  2. A [7-30] Three Friends of the Forest
  3. A [7-30] In a Bind
  4. A [7-30] Clear the Shrine
  5. A [7-30] The Last Stand

Forest Song

The quests here involve fighting satyr in the two camps west of Forest Song, Satyrnaar and Xavian.

Architect Nemos and Kayneth Stillwind start the Satyrnaar quests, collecting the ancient artifact the Chalice of Elune from there:

Illiyana starts the Xavian quests, retrieving the Branch of Cenarius and slaying the Satyr present in the area:

  1. A [7-30] Vile Satyr! Dryads in Danger!
  2. A [7-30] The Branch of Cenarius
  3. A [7-30] Satyr Slaying! / A [7-30] Stopping the Rituals

A [7-30] A Shameful Waste is turned in to Gnarl at the Warsong Lumber Camp, letting the player proceed there.

Warsong Lumber Camp

Sentinel Luciel Starwhisper and Gnarl start the Horde chain, destroying the Lumber Camp with the help of the Horde's conveniently-placed explosive barrels:

  1. A [7-30] Agents of Destruction / A [7-30] Recover the Remains
  2. A [7-30] Explosives Shredding

Vindicator Vedaar and Gnarl start the Legion chain, which then unlocks the Dor'Danil Barrow Den chain. In it, players fight against the forces of the Burning Legion being pulled in through portals in the area. While fighting, they discover the Legion's intention to invade Forest Song and put a stop to those plans. Then players head into the Dor'Danil Barrow Den to retrieve the Forest Heart so Gnarl may purify it of the Horde's corruption.

  1. A [7-30] Reclaiming Felfire Hill
  2. A [7-30] Closure is Only Natural
  3. A [7-30] The Shadewalker
  4. A [7-30] The Forest Heart / A [7-30] Insane Druids

Return to Astranaar to get to the final part of the Ashenvale experience.

Raynewood Tower

Players come to Raynewood Tower on A [7-30] He Who Would Be Forgiven and A [7-30] Dryad Delivery along larger quest chains. There is also a small self-contained quest chain here, defending the Raynewood Tower from Horde attackers.

  1. A [7-30] Recover the Fallen
  2. A [7-30] Defend the Tree!
  3. A [7-30] Report from the Northern Front

Stardust Spire

This chain starts at Sentinel Thenysil in Astranaar. It concludes the Ashenvale storyline for the Alliance and moves on to the next zone, Stonetalon Mountains.

In addition, Sentinel Velene Starstrike offers A [10-30] Rebels Without a Clue, a breadcrumb to the Northern Stranglethorn storyline, should the player prefer to continue questing in the Eastern Kingdoms.

This storyline features players investigating the Goblin Skunkworks and finding a massive bomb, appropriately called The Bomb. It is later carried onwards into the Stonetalon Mountains.

  1. A [7-30] To the Spire or A [10-30] Hero's Call: Stonetalon Mountains! (optional breadcrumb quests)
  2. A [7-30] They Took Our Gnomes / A [7-30] Ze Gnomecorder
  3. A [7-30] They Set Them Up The Bomb
  4. A [10-30] Do Yourself a Favor
  5. A [10-30] The Only Way Down is in a Body Bag
  6. A [10-30] Return to Stardust

During A [10-30] Do Yourself a Favor, the player briefly enters the Stonetalon Mountains zone, but with no way down further forward except by jumping down the cliff. The player then "officially" proceeds into that zone with A [7-30] Hellscream's Legacy, and the quest chain continues into the Stonetalon Mountains storyline.


Mor'shan Rampart

Splintertree Post

Zoram Strand

Hellscream's Watch

After H [7-30] Blastranaar! is turned in:

Silverwind Refuge

Full Quest List


Quest Name Start End XP Reputation Reward Description
A [7-30] Hero's Call: Ashenvale! Hero's Call Board Sentinel Shyela 395 +10 Darnassus -- Travel to Ashenvale to repel the aggression of the Horde.
A [7-30] Don't Forget the Horde Sentinel Shyela Sentinel Shyela 4,100 +250 Darnassus 13s Kill the Horde scum nearby at Bathran's Haunt who are up to no good.
A [7-30] West to the Strand Sentinel Shyela Talen 410 +10 Darnassus -- Travel to Blackfathom Camp to offer your talents to Talen.
A [7-30] The Ancient Statuettes Talen Talen 4,100 +250 Darnassus 13s Head out to the Zoram Strand and collect any ancient statuettes found.
A [7-30] Naga of the Strand Shindrell Swiftfire Shindrell Swiftfire 4,100 +250 Darnassus 13s Drive the Naga back to the depths that they came from and away from Zoram Strand.
A [7-30] Ruuzel Talen Talen 5,290 +350 Darnassus  [Robes of Antiquity]
Slay Ruuzel, the leader of the Naga at Zoram's Strand, and retrieve her ring for Talen.
A [7-30] Bathran's Hair Evenar Stillwhisper Evenar Stillwhisper 4,100 +250 Darnassus 13s Collect the herb Bathran's Hair from around Bathran's Haunt to create a cure for a child in Astranaar.
A [7-30] Of Their Own Design Bathran Bathran 4,100 +250 Darnassus -- Burn the body of Bathran so the Horde cannot use it.
A [7-30] Delivery for Orendil Evenar Stillwhisper Orendil Broadleaf 1,025 +25 Darnassus -- Bring the bag of Bathran's Hair to Orendil Broadleaf at Maestra's Post, down the road.
A [7-30] Bathed in Light Orendil Broadleaf Orendil Broadleaf 4,100 +250 Darnassus 13s Bathe the bag of Bathran's Hair in the light of Elune at the nearby Lake Falathim to sanctify it.
A [7-30] A Squad of Your Own Sentinel Onaeya Sentinel Onaeya 4,100 +250 Darnassus 13s Lead a small squad of Sentinels to wreak havoc on the Horde invasion wrecking the land.
A [7-30] Respect for the Fallen Sentinel Onaeya Sentinel Onaeya 4,100 +250 Darnassus  [Delgren's Leggings] or  [Onaeya's Gloves] or  [Feero's Pauldrons]
Stealth up and retrieve the hammer of Feero Ironhand and the prayer book of Delgren the Purifier to honor their memories.
A [7-30] Rear Guard Duty Liladris Moonriver Liladris Moonriver 4,100 +250 Darnassus 13s Slay the Furbolg that are inhabiting the ruins nearby and creating a fight on two fronts.
A [7-30] The Reason Why Moon Priestess Maestra Moon Priestess Maestra 4,100 +250 Darnassus 13s Deactivate the moonstones that are attracting the Furbolg to the Ruins of Ordil'Aran.
A [7-30] Astranaar Bound Sentinel Avana Sentinel Luara 435 +10 Darnassus -- Head to Astranaar and tell Sentinel Luara of Sentinel Avana's success.
A [7-30] Orendil's Cure Orendil Broadleaf Pelturas Whitemoon 5,460 +350 Darnassus 30s Bring the completed cure to Pelturas Whitemoon in Astranaar.
A [7-30] Elune's Tear Pelturas Whitemoon Pelturas Whitemoon 4,370 +250 Darnassus 15s Travel to Iris Lake and find Elune's Tear, a more powerful cure for Pelturas' daughter.
A [7-30] A Trip to the Moonwell Pelturas Whitemoon Automatic 2,185 +75 Darnassus -- Take Elune's Tear to the Moonwell of Purity and cleanse it of its corruption.
A [7-30] He Who Would Be Forgiven Automatic Avrus Illwhisper 1,095 +25 Darnassus -- Redeem Avrus Illwhisper before the tear will be cleansed.
A [7-30] In the Hands of the Perverse Avrus Illwhisper Avrus Illwhisper 4,370 +250 Darnassus 15s Head to Night Run and collect moonstones to redeem Avrus Illwhisper.
A [7-30] All's Well Avrus the Redeemed Pelturas Whitemoon 5,460 +350 Darnassus  [Whitemoon Gloves] or  [Belt of Healing Charms] or  [Boots of the Deliverer]
Return to Pelturas with the moonstones and cure his daughter.
A [7-30] Finding Teronis Orendil Broadleaf Teronis' Corpse 4,100 +250 Darnassus -- Find Orendil's scout Teronis at Lake Falathim.
A [7-30] The Lost Gem Teronis' Corpse Orendil Broadleaf 4,100 +250 Darnassus  [Falathim-Washed Robes] or  [Broadleaf Mantle] or  [Maestra's Gloves]
Return to Orendil Broadleaf after finding the gem discovered by Talrendis before his death.
A [7-30] That Which Has Risen Keeper Heartwise Keeper Heartwise 5,290 +350 Darnassus  [Ablution Slippers] or  [Somber Treads] or  [Heartwise Boon]
Slay Harbinger Aphotic, the creature creating the monstrosities around Lake Falathim.
A [7-30] To Raene Wolfrunner Orendil Broadleaf Raene Wolfrunner 1,095 +25 Darnassus -- Deliver the mysterious gem to Raene Wolfrunner in Astranaar.
A [7-30] Dryad Delivery Raene Wolfrunner Shael'dryn 2,185 +75 Darnassus -- Travel forward to Raynewood Tower with the mysterious gem.
A [7-30] Recover the Fallen Sentinel Melyria Frostshadow Halannia 4,370 +250 Darnassus 15s Retrieve the bodies of the fallen Laughing Sisters so they can be restored to life by Halannia at Raynewood Retreat.
A [7-30] Defend the Tree! Halannia Sentinel Melyria Frostshadow 5,460 +350 Darnassus  [Raynewood Shield] or  [Shadumbra's Wrath] or  [Frostshadow Crossbow]
Use the power of the great cat Shadumbra to lay waste to the Horde forces attacking Raynewood Retreat.
A [7-30] Report from the Northern Front Sentinel Luciel Starwhisper Sentinel Farsong 2,320 +75 Silverwing Sentinels -- Deliver an important report to the Night Elves at Silverwing Grove where they need new fighters in an ongoing battle against the Horde.
A [7-30] Search the Bole Shael'dryn Shael'dryn 4,370 +250 Darnassus 15s Retrieve the Iron Shaft from a chest to recreate Dartol's Rod.
A [7-30] Playing Possum Shael'dryn Shael'dryn 4,370 +250 Darnassus  [Shael'dryn's Bracers] or  [Possumfoot Boots] or  [Dissembling Bracers]
Retrieve the Iron Pommel for Dartol's Rod from the corrupted Druids of the Claw by sneaking past them.
A [7-30] Return to Raene Shael'dryn Raene Wolfrunner 435 +10 Darnassus -- Return to Raene with the completed Dartol's Rod.
A [7-30] Dartol's Rod Raene Wolfrunner Krolg 3,480 +150 Darnassus -- Use Dartol's Rod to transform into a Furbolg and speak with Krolg.
A [7-30] King of the Foulweald Krolg Krolg 5,980 +350 Darnassus  [Greenpaw Belt] or  [Band of Perseverance]
Travel to Greenpaw Village and slay Chief Murgut, the Furbolg who sold his tribe out to the Horde.
A [7-30] A New Adornment Krolg Krolg 4,780 +250 Darnassus 20s Slay Ran Bloodtooth and retrieve his skull to empower Dartol's Rod further.
A [7-30] True Power of the Rod Krolg Raene Wolfrunner 6,960 +500 Darnassus  [Silverwind Bracers] or  [Wolfrunner Boots] or  [Legacy of Teronis]
Use Dartol's Rod to start a Furbolg uprising against the Horde and gain their allegiance.
A [7-30] Astranaar's Burning! Sentinel Thenysil Sentinel Thenysil 4,370 +250 Darnassus 15s Astranaar is burning! Put out the fires!
A [7-30] Return Fire Sentinel Thenysil Sentinel Thenysil 5,460 +350 Darnassus  [Fiery Loop] or  [Thenysil's Vest] or  [Astranaar Legguards]
Use an Astranaar Thrower and shoot down the Wind Riders of the Horde who are attacking Astranaar.
A [7-30] Culling the Furbolg Threat Raene Wolfrunner Raene Wolfrunner 4,370 +250 Darnassus 15s Get rid of the Thistlefur Furbolg before they can attack Astranaar.
A [7-30] Corrupting Influence?  [Troll Charm] Raene Wolfrunner 4,370 +250 Darnassus 15s Deliver the mysterious troll charm to Raene Wolfrunner.
A [7-30] Worgen Wisdom Raene Wolfrunner Hephaestus Pilgrim 435 +10 Gilneas -- Ask Hephaestus Pilgrim about the Troll Charm.
A [7-30] A Not-So-Charmed Life Hephaestus Pilgrim Hephaestus Pilgrim 4,370 +250 Gilneas 15s Collect the troll charms from around Thistlefur Hold to stop the corruption process.
A [7-30] Too Far Gone Vear Darksnout Vear Darksnout 5,630 --  [Thistle Ring] or  [Zoram'gar Cloak]
Find the chief of the Thistlefur Dal Bloodclaw and take his personal collection of troll charms.
A [7-30] Go With The Flow Hephaestus Pilgrim Sabina Pilgrim 435 -- -- Travel to the nearby volcano and find Hephaestus' sister Sabina.
N [7-30] Hot Lava Core Core 4,370 -- -- Fill the lava fissures along the volcano to stop the flow of lava with the power of the earth.
N [7-30] Put Out The Fire Arctanus Arctanus 4,370 -- 15s Destroy the Lava Ragers around the volcano with the power of the water.
A [7-30] Vortex The Vortex Sabina Pilgrim 5,630 --  [Blossom of the Earthen Ring] or  [Subduer's Gloves] or  [Belt of Equilibrium]
Slay Lord Magmathar, the Fire Elemental within the volcano, with the power of the wind.
A [7-30] Check in on the Edunes Faldreas Goeth'Shael Benjari Edune 1,160 +25 Darnassus -- Travel to the Edune Household and see how they are holding out.
A [7-30] Three Friends of the Forest Benjari Edune Bolyun 4,640 +250 Darnassus -- Find Benjari Edune's three friends south of his home.
A [7-30] In a Bind Bolyun Bolyun 4,780 +250 Darnassus 20s Destroy the fel creature Kaliva to free Bolyun and his friends.
A [7-30] Clear the Shrine Bolyun Big Baobob 4,640 +250 Darnassus 18s Slay the servants of the Burning Legion at the Fire Scar Shrine.
A [7-30] The Last Stand Big Baobob Big Baobob 5,800 +350 Darnassus  [Adansonian Cloak] or  [Unringed Bands] or  [Baobab Fruit Shell]
Destroy the Burning Legion invaders with Big Baobob to hold off the onslaught on Ashenvale.
A [7-30] A Helping Hand Vindicator Palanaar Architect Nemos 2,050 +25 Exodar -- Travel to Forest Song where the Draenei are rebuilding an abandoned night elf outpost.
A [7-30] The Lost Chalice Kayneth Stillwind Kayneth Stillwind 4,100 +250 Darnassus 13s Recover the mysterious Chalice of Elune from Satyrnaar nearby to help purify the forest.
A [7-30] Vile Satyr! Dryads in Danger! Illiyana Anilia 4,100 +250 Darnassus -- Find Anilia and the missing Dryad expedition in Xavian.
A [7-30] The Branch of Cenarius Anilia Illiyana 4,230 +250 Darnassus  [Faerie Mantle] or  [Brightscale Girdle] Retrieve the Branch of Cenarius and return it to the possession of the Dryads.
A [7-30] Satyr Slaying! Illiyana Illiyana 4,100 +250 Darnassus 13s Get revenge on the Satyr for Anilia's death by slaying them.
A [7-30] Stopping the Rituals Anchorite Buurq Anchorite Buurq 4,100 +250 Exodar 13s Disturb the ritual gems of the Satyrs to prevent whatever fel rituals they intend to enact.
A [7-30] A Shameful Waste Architect Nemos Gnarl 4,100 +250 Darnassus 13s Steal corrupted wood for building from the Satyrs and then bring it to Gnarl at Warsong Lumber Camp for purification.
A [7-30] Recover the Remains Gnarl Gnarl 4,100 +250 Darnassus 13s Retrieve the remains of the treants and ancients slain by the Horde.
A [7-30] Agents of Destruction Sentinel Luciel Starwhisper Sentinel Luciel Starwhisper 4,100 +250 Darnassus  [Starwhisper Monnions] or  [Woodguard Vest]
Slay Overseer Gorthak and his minions at the Warsong Lumber Camp.
A [7-30] Explosives Shredding Sentinel Luciel Starwhisper Sentinel Luciel Starwhisper 5,130 +350 Darnassus  [Shredder Blade] or  [Powder Burn Vest] or  [Forestkeeper Legguards]
Destroy the explosives stockpiled in Warsong Lumber Camp.
A [7-30] Reclaiming Felfire Hill Gnarl Gnarl 4,100 +250 Darnassus 13s Plant seeds on Felfire Hill to take it back from the Burning Legion.
A [7-30] Destroy the Legion Vindicator Vedaar Vindicator Vedaar 4,100 +250 Exodar 13s Destroy the demons on Felfire Hill in the name of the Draenei.
A [7-30] Diabolical Plans Diabolical Plans Vindicator Vedaar 2,050 +75 Exodar -- Bring the attack plan of Forest Song to Vindicator Vedaar.
A [7-30] Never Again! Vindicator Vedaar Vindicator Vedaar 5,290 +350 Exodar  [Band of Argus] or  [Seal of Argus]
Slay the dreadlords leading the demons of Felfire Hill to prevent the attack on Forest Song.
A [7-30] Closure is Only Natural Gnarl Gnarl 4,100 +250 Darnassus 13s Close the demon gates around Felfire Hill to stop the flow of demons into Ashenvale.
A [7-30] The Shadewalker Gnarl Gaivan Shadewalker 4,100 +250 Darnassus 13s Speak to Gaivan Shadewalker about retrieving the Forest Heart from Dor'Danil Barrow Den.
A [7-30] Insane Druids Gaivan Shadewalker Gaivan Shadewalker 5,290 +350 Darnassus  [Emil's Brand]
Slay the corrupted leaders of the druids within Dor'Danil Barrow Den.
A [7-30] The Forest Heart Gaivan Shadewalker Gnarl 5,130 +350 Darnassus  [Forest Grace Mantle] or  [Severed Druid's Leggings] or  [Gnarlbark Shoulders]
Use the spirits of the Druids of the den to retrieve the Forest Heart and bring it to Gnarl for cleansing.
A [7-30] To the Spire Sentinel Thenysil Sentinel Velene Starstrike 1,160 +25 Darnassus -- Head down to Stardust Spire and help them with the effort to retake Silverwind Refuge.
A [7-30] Retaking Mystral Lake Sentinel Velene Starstrike Sentinel Velene Starstrike 4,780 +250 Darnassus 20s Slay the water elementals that were befouled by Tideress to remove the defenses of Silverwind Refuge.
A [7-30] They Took Our Gnomes Huntress Jalin Huntress Jalin 4,640 +250 Darnassus
+250 Gnomeregan
18s Free the Gnomish Explosives Team from Tinker Town that have been captured by the Orc Thundrak.
A [7-30] Ze Gnomecorder Professor Xakxak Gyromate Professor Xakxak Gyromate 4,640 +250 Darnassus
+250 Gnomeregan
18s Head into the Skunkworks and collect Goblin technology for the disgusted Gnomish Professor Xakxak to build his Gnomecorder.
A [7-30] The Goblin Braintrust Huntress Jalin Huntress Jalin 4,640 +250 Darnassus  [Jalin's Recompense] or  [Braintrust Vest] or  [Skunkworks Sword]
Find the brilliant Chief Bombgineer Sploder and bring back his head to cause confusion and destruction behind the Goblin lines.
A [7-30] They Set Them Up The Bomb The Bomb Huntress Jalin 4,640 +250 Darnassus 18s Report the existence of The Bomb to Huntress Jalin before it's too late.
A [10-30] Do Yourself a Favor Gnombus the X-Terminator Kalen Trueshot 465 +10 Darnassus
+10 Gnomeregan
-- Head into the Stonetalon Mountains and help the Night Elves at Trueshot Point.
Alliance 15.png [25] The Only Way Down
is in a Body Bag
Kalen Trueshot Kalen Trueshot 4,640 +250 Darnassus
+250 Gnomeregan
-- Blow the Orcish Wind Riders out of the sky with Gnombus' sniper cannons.
A [10-30] Return to Stardust Kalen Trueshot Huntress Jalin 465 +10 Darnassus
+10 Gnomeregan
 [Stardust Belt] or  [Hippogryph Down Belt] or  [Clear Path Boots] Return to Stardust Spire and report to Huntress Jalin that the road is clear.
A [7-30] Hellscream's Legacy Huntress Jalin Sentinel Heliana 4,780 +250 Darnassus
+250 Gnomeregan
-- Head to Windshear Mine in the Stonetalon Mountains and report to the Night Elves at that location, destroying any Krom'gar Incinerators on the way.
A [10-30] Rebels Without a Clue Sentinel Velene Starstrike Lieutenant Doren 465 -- 1s 75c Travel across the sea to the troubled zone of Northern Stranglethorn and help the local rebels.


Quest Name Start End XP Reputation Reward Description
Horde 15.png [20] Warchief's Command:
Warchief's Command Board Kadrak 395 +10 Orgrimmar -- Follow the orders of the warchief and travel to the Mor'shan Rampart in Ashenvale.
H [7-30] To the Mor'shan Rampart Thork Kadrak 395 +10 Orgrimmar -- Go help Kadrak at the Mor'shan Rampart in Ashenvale.
H [7-30] To the Ramparts! Kulg Gorespatter Kadrak 395 +10 Orgrimmar -- Travel to the Mor'shan Rampart where the Horde requires reinforcements urgently.
H [7-30] Mor'shan Defense Kadrak Kadrak 4,100 +250 Orgrimmar 13s Find Night Elven warriors and slay them in the name of the Horde.
H [7-30] Empty Quivers Truun Truun 4,100 +250 Orgrimmar 13s Collect arrows from around the battlefield to resupply Truun's archers.
H [7-30] Rescue the Fallen Dinah Halfmoon Dinah Halfmoon 4,100 +250 Orgrimmar  [Leggings of the Traveling Medic] or  [Halfmoon Gloves] or  [First Responder's Pauldrons]
Administer Dinah's salve to any wounded warriors on the battlefield so they may return to the Rampart for further treatment.
H [7-30] Find Gorat! Kadrak Gorat 4,100 +250 Orgrimmar 13s Find the Horde's master assassin Gorat around Fallen Sky Lake.
H [7-30] Final Report Gorat Kadrak 4,100 +250 Orgrimmar 13s Return to Kadrak with a vial of Gorat's blood.
H [7-30] To Dinah, at Once! Kadrak Dinah Halfmoon 410 +10 Orgrimmar 1s 25c Bring the vial of Gorat's blood to Dinah Halfmoon.
H [7-30] Gorat's Vengeance Dinah Halfmoon Kadrak 5,130 +350 Orgrimmar  [Gorat's Bequest] or  [Kadrak's Breastplate]
Use Gorat's empowered blood to summon his spirit and find out how to kill Captain Elindad for vengeance.
H [7-30] Got Lumber? Truun Gorka 4,100 +250 Orgrimmar 13s Ride the Kodo Brutusk to Warsong Lumber Camp to pickup a shipment of wood.
H [7-30] Management Material Gorka Gorka 4,100 +250 Orgrimmar  [Labor Camp Frock] or  [Manager's Mantle] or  [Hands of Encouragement]
Defend the Horde's peons as they collect wood from the nearby forest.
H [7-30] Needs a Little Oil Gorka Gorka 4,100 +250 Orgrimmar 13s Collect oil from the rotting slimes and then use it to lubricate the Horde's shredders.
H [7-30] Sharptalon's Claw Sharptalon's Claw Senani Thunderheart 4,370 +250 Orgrimmar 15s Show Sharptalon's Claw to Senani Thunderheart.
H [7-30] Crisis at Splintertree Gorka Kadrak 3,075 +150 Orgrimmar  [Mourner's Stole] or  [Leggings of Loss] or  [Burden of Sacrifice]
Break through Night Elven lines and return to the Mor'shan Rampart to inform Kadrak that Splintertree Post is under attack.
H [7-30] To the Rescue! Kadrak Kadrak 3,075 +150 Orgrimmar  [Gorka's Band]
Travel with Kadrak to Splintertree Post to provide reinforcements.
H [7-30] Blood of the Weak Kadrak Durak 2,115 +75 Orgrimmar 7s Bring Kadrak's bloody axe to Durak to use in his rituals.
H [7-30] Pierce Their Heart! Durak Kadrak 4,230 +250 Orgrimmar  [Scrupleless Bracers] or  [Bloodtaint Boots] or  [Forest Heart Piercer]
Find the Forest Heart within Dor'Danil Barrow Den and taint it with the blood of the fallen Night Elves.
H [7-30] Ashenvale Outrunners Kuray'bin Kuray'bin 4,100 +250 Darkspear Trolls 13s Slay the Ashenvale spies for vengeance.
H [7-30] Torek's Assault Torek Ertog Ragetusk 5,630 +350 Orgrimmar  [Polished Walking Staff] or  [Slatemetal Cutlass]
Join Torek and his raiders as they assault Silverwing Outpost and kill Duriel Moonfire.
H [7-30] Dead Elves Walking Pixel Pixel 4,100 +250 Orgrimmar 13s Destroy the ghosts of the fallen Night Elves around Dor'Danil Barrow Den.
H [7-30] Destroy the Legion Valusha Valusha 4,100 +250 Orgrimmar 13s Destroy the demons on Felfire Hill in the name of the Orcs.
H [7-30] Diabolical Plans Diabolical Plans Valusha 2,050 +75 Orgrimmar -- Bring the attack plan of Splintertree Post to Valusha.
H [7-30] Never Again! Valusha Valusha 5,290 +350 Orgrimmar  [Band of Argus] or  [Seal of Argus]
Slay the dreadlords leading the demons of Felfire Hill to prevent the attack on Splintertree Post.
H [7-30] Demon Duty Locke Okarr Locke Okarr 4,230 +250 Orgrimmar 14s Close the satyr portals in Xavian and Satyrnaar.
H [7-30] Satyr Horns Pixel Pixel 4,230 +250 Ratchet 14s Slay Satyrs and collect their horns for a profit.
H [7-30] Playing With Felfire Draaka Draaka 4,100 +250 Orgrimmar  [Folly's Edge] or  [Felfire-Tainted Vest] or  [Legguards of Abandoned Virtue]
Collect felfire from around Splintertree Post, despite it being against the directions of the Horde.
H [7-30] Tell No One! Draaka Durak 1,060 +25 Orgrimmar 3s 50c Bring Draaka's note to Durak.
H [7-30] Dirty Deeds Durak Durak 3,175 +150 Orgrimmar 11s Collect chunks of ore from the mines to provide a target for Draaka's felfire.
H [7-30] Rain of Destruction Durak Durak 4,230 --  [Impish Blade] or  [Accursed Mace] or  [Durak's Wand] or  [Band of Foul Strength]
Use accursed ore to target Night Elves and ancients for Draaka's missiles of felfire, all while disguised as an imp.
H [7-30] All Apologies Draaka High Overlord Saurfang 1,060 +25 Orgrimmar 3s 50c Bring a letter from Draaka to the Overlord asking for forgiveness.
H [7-30] Dread Head Redemption High Overlord Saurfang High Overlord Saurfang 5,460 --  [Unbountied Cloak] or  [Garrosh's Pardon] or  [Bow of Ire] Inform Durak that he has been removed from active duty...and deal with his response.
H [7-30] Mission Improbable Kadrak Krokk 2,115 +75 Orgrimmar 7s Summon Krokk to assist him with the mission of rescuing a Blood Elven diplomat.
H [7-30] Making Stumps Krokk Krokk 4,230 +250 Orgrimmar 14s Create a diversion to help sneak the Blood Elven diplomat through.
H [7-30] Wet Work Krokk Krokk 4,230 +250 Orgrimmar  [Wet Work Gloves] or  [Belt of Secret Signs] or  [Disarray Boots]
Slay the leaders of the Night Elves to cause confusion among their ranks.
H [7-30] As Good as it Gets Krokk Overseer Gorthak 1,060 +25 Orgrimmar 3s 50c Infiltrate Warsong Lumber Camp and find Overseer Gorthak.
H [7-30] Security! Overseer Gorthak Overseer Gorthak 4,230 +250 Orgrimmar  [Detective Buckler] or  [Pilfered Kaldorei Belt] or  [Security Crossbow]
Find the assassin who killed the Blood Elven diplomat and return the favor.
H [7-30] Sheelah's Last Wish Guardian Menerin Guardian Gurtar 3,175 +150 Orgrimmar 11s Deliver the Blood Elven ambassador's letter to her retinue at the crossroads.
H [7-30] Gurtar's Request Guardian Gurtar Draaka 4,230 +250 Orgrimmar  [Bloodcup Slippers] or  [Faithful Treads] or  [Gloves of Unforgotten Vows]
Deliver Gurtar's symbol of affection to Draaka for him.
H [7-30] Bad News Bear-er Kadrak Commander Grimfang 3,175 +150 Orgrimmar 11s Deliver Kadrak's report to Zoram Strand across Ashenvale.
H [7-30] Keep the Fires Burning Commander Grimfang Commander Grimfang 4,230 +250 Orgrimmar  [Oily Bracers] or  [Alighted Boots] or  [Mystlash Bracers]
Light the signal fire in the lighthouse to guide ships to the Warsong Offensive.
H [7-30] Before You Go... Commander Grimfang Commander Grimfang 4,230 +250 Orgrimmar  [Meat Packer Ribbon] or  [Je'neu's Hunting Vest] or  [Deerstalker Leggings]
Hunt the local wildlife to replenish the food stocks of the Orcs at Zoram Strand.
H [7-30] Lousy Pieces of Ship Dagrun Ragehammer Dagrun Ragehammer 4,230 +250 Orgrimmar 14s Collect pieces of metal fallen from the Horde's ships to help repair them.
H [7-30] The Essence of Aku'Mai Dagrun Ragehammer Dagrun Ragehammer 3,175 +250 Orgrimmar 14s Find the mysterious crystals used by the Naga so Dagrun Ragehammer may enhance the Horde's weaponry.
H [7-30] Naga at the Zoram Strand Marukai Marukai 3,820 +250 Darkspear Trolls -- Push the Naga back to the depths of the ocean.
H [7-30] Deep Despair Marukai Marukai 4,230 +250 Orgrimmar 14s Show the Naga the strength of the Horde by striking at them in their base of operations.
H [7-30G2] Vorsha the Lasher Muglash Warsong Runner 5,460 --  [Horn Ring] Destroy the great hydra Vorka the Lasher, who has been attacking the Horde base.
H [7-30] To Hellscream's Watch Commander Grimfang Captain Goggath 425 +10 Orgrimmar 1s 50c Travel to Hellscream's Watch, one of the most dangerous fronts in Ashenvale.
H [7-30] Troll Charm Mitsuwa Mitsuwa 4,370 +250 Darkspear Trolls 15s Retrieve the precious troll charms stolen by the Thistlefur Furbolgs.
H [7-30] Freedom to Ruul Ruul Snowhoof Yama Snowhoof 5,630 +350 Thunder Bluff 17s Rescue Ruul Snowhoof from the Thistlefur Furbolg and escort him to freedom.
Horde 15.png [23] Between a Rock
and a Thistlefur
Karang Amakkar Karang Amakkar 4,370 +250 Orgrimmar 15s Eliminate the Thistlefur Furbolg to clear a path around Astranaar to Splintertree Post.
H [7-30] Breathing Room Captain Goggath Captain Goggath 4,370 +250 Orgrimmar  [Cloak of Readiness] or  [Bracers of Humility] or  [Groundwork Shield]
Kill some of the Night Elven skirmishers to buy some time for the Orcs to prepare their assault.
H [7-30] Tweedle's Dumb Captain Goggath Tweedle 435 +10 Orgrimmar -- Find Tweedle and inform him that his time is running out.
H [7-30] Set Us Up the Bomb Tweedle Tweedle 4,370 +250 Orgrimmar 15s Collect moon-kissed clay to stabilize Tweedle's incredible explosives.
H [7-30] Small Hands, Short Fuse Tweedle Captain Goggath 1,095 +25 Orgrimmar -- Destroy a broken wagon to demonstrate Tweedle's explosive power.
H [7-30] Blastranaar! Captain Goggath Captain Goggath 4,370 +250 Orgrimmar  [Preemptive Striker] or  [Staff of Fiery Fate] or  [Leggings of Hellscream's Watch]
Use Tweedle's new explosives to launch a preemptive strike on Astranaar from the air, destroying their defenses.
H [7-30] Shadumbra's Head Shadumbra's Head Captain Goggath 4,500 +250 Orgrimmar 17s Show Shadumbra's Head to Captain Goggath to raise the morale of the Orcs.
H [7-30] Condition Critical! Captain Goggath Thagg 2,185 -- 8s Deliver important medical supplies to Raynewood Retreat.
H [7-30] Stalemate Thagg Thagg 4,500 +250 Orgrimmar -- Slay Keeper Ordanus, the leader of the dryads who keeps reviving them.
H [7-30] Tweedle's Tiny Package Tweedle Flooz 3,280 +150 Orgrimmar 12s Deliver some of Tweedle's explosives to Flooz at Silverwind Refuge.
H [7-30] Thunder Peak Broyk Stikwad 435 -- 1s 50c Travel to Thunder Peak to ensure that there is an Ashenvale to fight for.
N [7-30] Hot Lava Core Core 4,370 -- -- Fill the lava fissures along the volcano to stop the flow of lava with the power of the earth.
N [7-30] Put Out The Fire Arctanus Arctanus 4,370 -- 15s Destroy the Lava Ragers around the volcano with the power of the water.
H [7-30] Vortex The Vortex Stikwad 5,630 --  [Blossom of the Earthen Ring] or  [Subduer's Gloves] or  [Belt of Equilibrium]
Slay Lord Magmathar, the Fire Elemental within the volcano, with the power of the wind.