Ashes of the Tower

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NeutralAshes of the Tower
Start Runecarver
End Runecarver
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Type Legendary
Category Maw
Previous N [60] The Weak Link
Next N [60] The Final Pieces


Collect 1250 Soul Ash in Torghast.


Your first step towards obtaining the power is to retrieve... something. Yes, I believe it's coming back to me.


Have you recovered what is needed?


Yes, this should be enough to engrave the runes. Upon lesser equipment, that is.

Potent items will require more... more... Soul Ash. Yes, Soul Ash.

And you should hold onto it. I will ask for it when the time comes.


On accept:

Runecarver says: To imbue such power, there is a price. The ashen remnants of souls lost within this tower. Yes. Ascend, mortal. Acquire what remains.

Soul Ash drops from layer bosses in Torghast.


  1. N [60] The Highlord Calls
  2. N [60] Into Torghast
  3. N [60] The Search for Baine
    • Optional side chain to unlock the Runecarver:
    1. N [60] Prison of the Forgotten
    2. N [60] Deep Within
    3. N [60] Reawakening
    4. N [60] A Damned Pact
    5. N [60] A Grave Chance
    6. N [60] The Weak Link
    7. N [60] Ashes of the Tower
    8. N [60] The Final Pieces
  4. N [60] Explore Torghast
  5. N [60] Remnants of Hope
  6. N [60] Information for a Price
  7. N [60] Torment Chamber: Jaina
  8. N [60] Finding a Witness
  9. N [60] Lest the Trail Go Cold
  10. N [60] Torment Chamber: Thrall
  11. N [60] Signs of the Lion
  12. N [60] The Captive King

Previous versions

Beta completion
Yes, this should be enough for the lowest tier of items that can be engraved with the runes. If you wish to imbue greater items, it will require more... more... Soul Ash. Yes, Soul Ash.
I've also recalled something, a power that could aid you in your pursuits.

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