Image of Ashildir
Title <Queen of the Valkyra>
Gender Female
Race Vrykul (Humanoid)
Level 10-45
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Valkyra
Occupation Shieldmaiden[1]
Location Stormheim
Status Active

Ashildir is a vrykul located in Stormheim and is the queen of the Valkyra.


In ancient times, the titanic watchers ordered the founding of the Valkyra.[2] Ashildir set out on a quest to do so and called upon the mightiest women among the vrykul to join her in defending Odyn and his Halls of Valor against dark forces.[3] The epic poem Ashilvara tells of how she founded the shieldmaidens and brought them to Skold-Ashil.[4] Ashildir eventually died in battle, and the minions of Helya sought her remains in the hopes of bringing her soul to Helheim. Only Ashildir's loyal shieldmaiden Iounn stood against them, and she managed to carry the Valkyra leader home to Stormheim to lay her to rest. Ashildir's spirit ascended to forever serve as the queen of the Valkyra. Iounn had been badly injured by Helya's minions and died shortly after, but her spirit was raised to continue serving at her queen's side.[3]

During the third invasion of the Burning Legion, the Bonespeakers of Stormheim stole  [Ashildir's Bones] to prevent mortal outsiders from receiving her judgment and completing the Trial of Valor. Under the direction of Shieldmaiden Iounn, the outsiders recovered the bones, crippled the Bonespeakers, and destroyed the ritual stones that weakened her spirit.[5][6][7] All through this, Ashildir's fragmented spirit caught glimpses of the hero who saved her, and thusly gained her trust. Through a Rune of Reformation, Ashildir's spirit was returned to her bones in order to communicate with her. In order to fully free her spirit, Ashildir and the heroes, alongside her Valkyra, battled with the leader of the Bonespeakers, Runeseer Faljar. Faljar, however, proved to be too powerful for them, and as a result, they were all collectively banished to Helheim.[8]

Seeking to escape, Ashildir directed the heroes to the altar of Helya, who was currently making a deal with the Banshee Queen, Sylvanas Windrunner.[9] Helya angrily berated the heroes after they requested to leave Helheim, fragmenting their soul. However, she claimed she would allow them to leave Helheim if they could entertain her by defeating her champion, Geir, a task she thought impossible.[10] Using a  [Helheim Waylight], Ashildir and the heroes prepared to face the Eternal Nemesis by collecting the fragmented pieces of their soul and freeing the drowning Valkyra from Helheim's fiends.[11][12] In accordance with their deal, Ashildir and the heroes defeated Helya's pet, much to her chagrin.[13] To Helya's shock and despite her furious protests, the fact that the ruler of Helheim promised that they could leave if her terms were met actually meant that she would be powerless in keeping them there. With Helya's mighty shriek of defeat, Ashildir, the Valkyra, and the heroes were returned to the world above.[14]

Later, when heroes sought to enter the Vault of Eyir, Ashildir appeared to them once more in a bright flash of light. Knowing full well their worthiness, Ashildir allowed them passage, but warned them that Eyir may not regard them in the high regard that she did.[15]

Ashildir later assisted Kalecgos and the adventurer in empowering their artifact.


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Artifact questline

Objective of



  • Well met.
  • My shield is ready.
  • Honor to the fallen.
  • Enough of this foolishness!
  • Do you rush to meet the afterlife?
  • Gods go with you.
  • May Eyir be your wings.



We face a formidable foe, but we must not let Helya win.

Outside the Valut of Eyir

Speak your piece.


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Statue at Skold-Ashil

Before you stands a statue depicting the leader of the Shieldmaidens in Skold-Ashil.

Her features look familiar...


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