Ashley Zerep

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AllianceAshley Zerep
Image of Ashley Zerep
Title <Primal Trader>
Gender Female
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 90
Location Lunarfall
Status Alive

Ashley Zerep is a merchant who can be found in the Alliance Garrison of Lunarfall. She sells various crafting material for Primal Spirits.

While the Garrison is in the second tier, she is found circling in the center. When the Garrison reaches the final tier, she is standing near the entrance of the Town Hall.

Vendor sells

Inv misc boilingblood.png [Savage Blood]
25 Primal Spirit
Inv tradeskillitem sorcerersfire tong.png [Sorcerous Fire]
15 Primal Spirit
Inv tradeskillitem sorcererswater tong.png [Sorcerous Water]
15 Primal Spirit
Inv tradeskillitem sorcerersearth tong.png [Sorcerous Earth]
15 Primal Spirit
Inv tradeskillitem sorcererswind tong.png [Sorcerous Air]
15 Primal Spirit
Inv misc trueironingot.png [Truesteel Ingot]
5 Primal Spirit
Inv enchant alchemycatalyst.png [Alchemical Catalyst]
5 Primal Spirit
Inv misc startannedleather.png [Burnished Leather]
5 Primal Spirit
Inv eng gearspringparts.png [Gearspring Parts]
5 Primal Spirit
Inv tailoring hexweavethread.png [Hexweave Cloth]
5 Primal Spirit
Inv inscription warpaint blue.png [War Paints]
5 Primal Spirit
Inv jewelcrafting taladitecrystal.png [Taladite Crystal]
5 Primal Spirit
Spell yorsahj bloodboil green.png [Felblight]
25 Primal Spirit


This section includes speculation on characters that might be related, usually because they may share a last name. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

She is apparently somehow related to Arsenio Zerep.

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