Ashmaul Burial Grounds.

Ashmaul Burial Grounds is a sub-zone in southwestern Ashran,[37, 60] on Draenor.

The zone is home to the Gor'vosh ogres and the spirits and risen dead produced by their dark magics. Web-wrapped Soldiers can be found here, and freed to aid the player in battle.

The zone represents the southwestern segment of the main island, set low and close to the water. To the north Kings' Rest connects the zone to the other western areas, with the Ring of Conquest visible but not directly reachable across the waters north of the zone. To the east the land runs up to Archmage Overwatch, where the Alliance make their last stand against the constant onslaught of the Horde.

Event - Risen Spirits

Capture 10 spectral Risen Spirits haunting the Ashmaul Burial Grounds. The first faction to capture 10 wins.

Web-wrapped Soldier

Web-wrapped Soldiers can be found in a handful of locations in the zone, static hostile mobs which must be defeated in order to free the soldier trapped inside. Once the web is broken, a substantial faction-aligned NPC will spawn, who will follow the player for around 30 minutes, healing, dealing damage or tanking according to their type. These NPCs can be healed and buffed. Players can have more than one of these following them at a time.

Web Silk

Players may encounter Web Silk objects, heaps of silk which when interacted with allow the player to launch a web trap at a target location, ensnaring the next enemy to step on it.

Ogre Remains

A Risen Brute.

Ogre Remains objects can be found scattered around the area, and can be looted to provide Artifact Fragments and sometimes other useful items.


With the zone apparently named after the Ashmaul ogre clan, it seems likely that the undead being raised by the Gor'vosh were once Ashmaul.



An early map of Ashran shows this area named the "Cemetery". During the expansion's beta, it was known as "The Altar".

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