NeutralAshmaul clan
Race(s) OgreOgre Ogre
Theater of operations Ashran, Draenor
Status Active

The Ashmaul is an ogre group found in Ashran in eastern Draenor. They are hostile to both Alliance and Horde.


The Ashmaul ogres appear to make their home in Brute's Rise, an outlying area in northeastern Ashran. As well as the usual assortment of brutes and warriors, the Ashmaul clan is notable for its pyromancers, flamespeakers and magma casters, summoning fire elementals and hurling flame at enemies. The Ashmaul can usually be found gathered around large fires, channeling energy from, or perhaps to, the flames. The Ashmaul clan also includes stoneshapers, and use vicious beasts to bolster their might.

The Ashmaul appear to have a rivalry with the Gor'vosh, a clan of necromantic ogres found in Ashmaul Burial Grounds in northeastern Ashran. Slaying enemies in Brute's Rise has a chance to grant players the "Ashmaul Vengeance" buff, increasing damage dealt to enemies in the Burial Grounds as well as increasing their chance of dropping Artifact Fragments. The sentiment is apparently reciprocated by the Gor'vosh, whose "Gor'vosh Vengeance" buff grants similar bonuses toward the slaying of enemies in Brute's Rise.

The Ashmaul also appear to control the Ring of Conquest in western Ashran. Their presence in multiple areas and apparent previous control of the Ashmaul Burial Grounds suggests that the Ashmaul are, or at least were, the ruling ogre clan of Ashran.

The  [Ashmaul Pearl] can be gathered from the Ashmaul Clams, found on the beach below Brute's Rise.