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HordeAshra Valandril
Image of Ashra Valandril
Gender Male
Race Blood elf
Class Paladin
Affiliation(s) Garad'kra, Blood Knights, Kingdom of Quel'Thalas, Horde
Occupation Senior Blood Knight, Garad'kra member
Location Unknown
Status Alive
Relative(s) Isilra (lover)
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This article contains lore taken from the Warcraft manga or comics.

Ashra Valandril is a Blood Knight and member of the Garad'kra. He wanted to elevate his people in the Horde, as he believed that the orcs were using the blood elves for their own machinations.[1] Ashra struggles between his feelings for his lover, Isilra, and his devotion to the Light. Isilra's father apparently disapproves of the relationship, forcing them to meet in secret.[2]


Ashra has fought in Ragefire Chasm, the Blackfathom Deeps, and Shadowfang Keep, and once stormed the gates of Deatholme to avenge a fallen comrade's honor. During the war against the Lich King, many of his brethren were killed by Grand Apothecary Putress' New Plague at the Wrathgate.

Isilra and Ashra

Isilra giving her cord to Ashra.

After the Cataclysm, Ashra was chosen by the blood elven leadership to represent the blood elves in the new Horde militia, the Garad'kra. Before leaving, he conferred with Isilra, promising to return home to her soon. She gave him a handmade cord to remember her by, which Ashra is highly protective of. While he was drinking at the Wyvern's Tail in Orgrimmar, a few drunken orcs made jokes at his expense and tried to steal the cord, causing the Blood Knight to fly into a rage, beat up the orcs, and threaten to kill them.

Ashra v Shagara

Ashra and Shagara fighting in a mak'gora.

Later, when the Garad'kra commander Shagara gathered her team in the Valley of Honor, Ashra challenged her to mak'gora, as he took issue with the idea that the whole militia was led by orcs and argued that leadership of the Garad'kra should be chosen by martial skill rather than race. He did not know the rules of mak'gora (including the fact that the duel is fought to the death), nor did he care to hear them. Shagara won the duel and nearly killed him, but left him alive and allowed him to be healed by Targnak with the intent of humbling him. Ashra continued to bicker with Felgrim and Ironhoof during the Garad'kra's assembly in the Ring of Valor, until Shagara reminded him of her authority.

Shagara's Garad'kra

Ashra with the rest of Shagara's Garad'kra.

Ashra accompanied his team on their first mission of dealing with Aratas' centaur army. During their first confrontation with the centaur in the Northern Barrens, Ashra used his skills as healer and warrior to watch Felgrim's back against the perfect ones. After the battle, Ashra healed an injury to Felgrim's arm with the Light (causing the Forsaken extreme pain in the process). Ashra tried to kill the centaur Dorthar upon first spotting him, but the orc Malgar intervened, allowing Dorthar to explain that he'd been abandoned by his kin. Following information from Dorthar, the Garad'kra set out on a zeppelin journey to Desolace to strike at Aratas' army directly. During the voyage, Ashra learned that Felgrim had been unwittingly involved in Putress' betrayal at the Wrathgate, infuriating the Blood Knight. As the journey continued, the Garad'kra helped Dorthar learn how to fight, knitting the team closer together and training them to work as a unit.

On arrival in Desolace, Ironhoof and Shagara formed a plan to stop the centaur army by killing Aratas, even if it meant their own deaths, while Malgar and Dorthar would free the orc slaves. In the ensuing battle, the Garad'kra started to lose against Aratas' perfect ones until Malgar joined them and turned the tide. Rada'jin died from one of Aratas' spears meant for Malgar, and the khan retreated into Maraudon with the unconscious Shagara to sacrifice her to his elemental father.

Aratas' father's death

Ashra destroying the elemental.

Rada'jin's death caused the Garad'kra to immediately fall back into disagreements until Malgar declared that he was going after Shagara, which convinced the others to follow him. Inside Maraudon, Aratas summoned his "father", and the Garad'kra stopped to fight it while Malgar followed the centaur. The elemental proved to be impervious to all of Ironhoof, Ashra, and Felgrim's attacks, and the battle seemed lost until Malgar and Shagara returned with Aratas' spear, the elemental's only weakness. Shagara handed the spear to Ashra, and after the others used their abilities to create an opening, the Blood Knight used the spear to destroy the elemental.

Back at the Wyvern's Tail in Orgrimmar weeks later, Ashra told Felgrim that he had misjudged him. Felgrim disagreed, stating that there was no excuse for his role in creating the plague. Ashra replied that he forgave the warlock nevertheless. The two of them then hurried to join the others and witness Dorthar joining the Horde.[3]

Appearance and personality[]

Ashra is a well-built blood elf with a custom suit of Blood Knight armor; in Bloodsworn, his battle gear is a mixture of both red and blue. He wears a long blue cape and often sports a hood, the latter somewhat reminiscent of a recolored Inv helmet 124 [Hateful Gladiator's Scaled Helm]. His body glows with holy energy when he undergoes a spell or Light-based attack. His preferred weapons are a sword-and-shield combo.

Though often brusque, curt, and blunt, Ashra holds good intentions and does not see value in the racial inequality plaguing some of the Horde's members. He is highly proud of his status as a Blood Knight; he is also a strong believer in the Light, and feels just as strongly for his lover, Isilra.


Ashra and Felgrim in Org

Ashra and Felgrim reconciling over a drink in Orgrimmar.

  • Isilra: "Ashra, are your eyes more pleased to find the Sunwell... or me?"
    Ashra: "You, dearheart. Always you."[2]
  • "Isilra, I need nothing to remind me of our love. For it is all I think of. But I will carry this with me always. And I will cherish it as I cherish you. You are my world."[4]
  • "You dare? You dare provoke a Blood Knight??!"[5]
  • "That cord represents my honor. And my love. Do you doubt I would die for it?"[6]
  • "Thrall preached unity, but rarely does your kind live by those words. And this new warchief, Garrosh, does he even pretend to embrace these ideals?"[7]
  • "Fear him not, centaur. For I am your final judge!"[8]
  • "You are overmatched. When the Horde demanded the best, my people sent me."[9]


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