Ashran Appearance (Horde)

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HordeAshran Appearance
Start Gazlowe
End Stomphoof
Level 90 (Requires 90)
Category Warspear
Experience 10,270
Rewards 8g 60s
Next H [90] Warspear Welcome


Speak with Private Stomphoof at Warspear in Ashran.


Our base on Ashran is almost complete, commander.

It would be a huge show of support if you could make a trip out there and put your stamp of approval on their staging area.

I can arrange a flight if you are interested.


You will receive: 8g 60s


Commander! I am humbled to be able to serve you. The Lieutenant requests your presence.


  • 10,270 XP


  1. H [90] Ashran Appearance
  2. H [90] Warspear Welcome
  3. H [90] Inspiring Ashran
  4. H [90] Burning Beauty
  5. H [92] The Dark Lady's Gift

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