Image of Askara
Gender Female
Race Draenei (Humanoid)
Level 45
Class Priestess
Reaction Alliance Horde
Occupation Wielder of T'uure
Status Deceased
"It is true that the Legion is vast and mighty, buy they do not stand in the Light as we do. No matter how strong our enemy is, if they walk in darkness, they will always stumble and fall."[1]

Askara was a skilled draenei priestess and one of the greatest healers the draenei have ever known. She wielded the sacred staff called T'uure until her death at the hands of the Burning Legion during the Battle of Shar'gel, where she and seventy other defenders sacrificed themselves to stall the Legion's onslaught and allow their kin to flee to safety.


On Argus, homeworld of the eredar, Askara lived in Mac'Aree. An echo of her can still be found there at the Circle of Aspirants, watching a jed'hin match. She comments on how there is no need to worry about the wrestlers' heads, for only males with the thickest crests choose to compete and the current competitors are the best Mac'Aree has to offer.

Askara lost her entire family in the draenei's flight from Argus, but she found a new one with the draenei refugees aboard the Genedar. Seeing the draenei as her brothers and sisters, she vowed to do whatever she could to protect them. While she lacked physical strength or a talent for forging armaments, her mastery over the holy magic of the Light became so great that the draenei leader himself, the Prophet Velen, gave the holy artifact known as T'uure, Beacon of the Naaru to her. Askara spent her every waking hour studying the artifact to unlock its extraordinary potential. During this time, she received a vision of the future, showing her people finding peaceful sanctuary from the Burning Legion on a new world, but strangely, she did not see herself there.

As the Legion continued to relentlessly pursue the draenei, never allowing them a safe haven, many of the refugees began to fall prey to depression and pessimism. Askara sought them out and spoke to them of their troubles, T'uure casting an aura of holy energy around her that lifted her kin's spirits.[1]

The Battle of Shar'gel

The draenei eventually reached a world called Shar'gel, believing that they had finally found a safe place to settle. However, they had barely set foot on the planet before demonic portals opened all around them, cutting off their retreat to the Genedar. Askara planted herself between her people and the demons and held T'uure high, unleashing a storm of light that blinded the Legion's minions and shielded the draenei from their blades. As the draenei battled their way to the Genedar, T'uure grew brighter and brighter until it shone "like a second sun on Shar'gel". During the battle, Askara realized that she was destined to die on Shar'gel so that her people could escape to one day find a new home. Along with seventy other draenei, the priestess volunteered to stay behind and distract the Legion while the rest of their kin escaped the world. Despite hundreds of demons smashing into the seventy-one defenders, none of them ever gave ground, and every time a draenei teetered on the brink of death, Askara charged through the battle lines and mended their wounds with T'uure. The Battle of Shar'gel is today remembered as one of the greatest instances of self-sacrifice in draenei history.

After the battle, T'uure fell into the hands of the Legion, who attributed Askara's immense power to the artifact she wielded. Legion forces squabbled over control of the relic until Kil'jaeden decreed that it would go to Lady Calindris, an eredar priestess with an intimate knowledge of T'uure and the holy magics of the draenei.[1]

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