Aspirant's Seal is a reward for completing the following daily quests for the Argent Tournament:

Alliance Horde
A [25-30 Daily] A Blade Fit For a Champion H [25-30 Daily] A Blade Fit For a Champion
A [25-30 Daily] A Worthy Weapon H [25-30 Daily] A Worthy Weapon
A [25-30 Daily] The Edge of Winter H [25-30 Daily] The Edge Of Winter
A [25-30 Daily] Training In The Field H [25-30 Daily] Training In The Field
A [25-30 Daily] Learning The Reins H [25-30 Daily] Learning The Reins

It is the objective of A [25-30] Up To The Challenge / H [25-30] Up To The Challenge, where 15 are required.

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