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Assault in Uldum

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Assault in Uldum
Location Uldum
Result Onging

Black Empire


Uldum Accord

Commanders and leaders

Black Empire


Uldum Accord

Casualties and losses

Black Empire

  • Moderate

Uldum Accord

  • Moderate

Assault in Uldum[1] is part of N'Zoth's awakening on Kalimdor. It involves the forces of Ramkahen defending against N'Zoth's nightmarish vision for Uldum.


Following its victory at the Nazjatar Campaign, N'Zoth wasted no time preparing to reclaim his former domain. Calling his followers to him, the Old God started releasing Dark Visions; alternate realities where their minions have already won. The Speaker of Azeroth, Magni, went to meet with King Anduin and asked him for Fearbreaker.[2]

With the hammer in his possession, Magni left for the Chamber of Heart to begin his hunt for N'Zoth. While asking MOTHER to scan the titan facility of Uldir, Uldaman, Ulduar, and Uldum, they discovered that the Forge of Origination in Uldum was deactivated.[3][4]

Along with an adventurer, Magni traveled to the Halls of Origination to find out why the forge was inactive.[5] When they arrived, they encountered hostile tol'vir of the Amathet. Through force, the two ended inside the forge room. After reactivating the forge, Sun Prophet Tenhamen attacked the two and after being weakened, he revealed himself to be n'raqi. Although defeated, this was no celebration as the halls were now defenseless.[6] Magni asked the adventurer to go to Ramkahen and meet up with King Phaoris, asking him for aid in defense of the forge.[7]

King Phaoris greeted the adventurer with open arms and after several others from the Explorers' League, and Wastewander appeared, he formed the Uldum Accord with them.[8]


Old Gods


Unlock questline
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  12. N [120] Clans of the Mogu
  13. N [120] Finding the Rajani
  14. N [120] Time-Lost Warriors
  15. N [120] Proof of Tenacity
  16. N [120] The Engine of Nalak'sha
  17. N [120] Restored Hope
  18. N [120] Magni's Findings
  19. N [120] Power Protocol Initiation
  20. N [120] Re-Origination
  21. N [120] Investigating the Halls
  22. N [120] Beginning the Descent
  23. N [120] Deeper Into the Darkness
  24. N [120] Descending Into Madness
  25. N [120] Opening the Gateway
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  27. N [120] Whispers in the Dark
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At a time, the area may be invaded by one of the three: