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Assault on Azsuna

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For the quest, see N [110 Daily] Battle for Azsuna.
Assault on Azsuna

Court of Farondis

  Burning Legion
Commanders and leaders

Court of Farondis


Burning Legion

Casualties and losses

Court of Farondis

  • Moderate

Burning Legion

  • Moderate

Assault on Azsuna is part of the Legion Assaults on the Broken Isles.

The conflict

N [110WQ] The Burning Shores

The demons land and invade the shores of the Old Coast Path under Hatefire the Burning. The Illidari come to fight against them. Prince Farondis sends in reinforcements to deal with them.

N [100 - 110LI WQ] Battle for the Ruins

The demons land and take the The Ruined Sanctum under Arinor the Portalmaster. The ghosts of the Nightwatchers can be seen combating them. To combat against them, prince Farondis sent in reinforcements with arcane bombs to destroy their portals and deal with them.

N [100 - 110LIE WQ] Garthulak the Crusher

Garthulak the Crusher lands and patrols the main road of The Greenway. Maiev sends heroes to deal with him.

Release the Wardens

The demons land and enslave the blue dragons in the area. Prince Farondis sends in reinforcements to deal with them and free the dragons.

N [110LI WQ] Weaving Fel Webs

The Legion sends their Aranasi to invade The Lost Orchard. The ghostly inhabitants there where captured in spiderwebs. Farondis sends in reinforcements to deal with them and free his people.

N [100 - 110LI WQ] The Soul Harvesters

The demons land and take the Nor'Danil Wellspring under Doom Lord Kro'nak. The demon hunters in the area tried fighting back but where defeated. Their souls along with the wildlife are having their souls absorbed by the jailers. They have also taken the ghost of the areas and made them their slaves. Prince Farondis sends in reinforcements to deal with the demons.

N [10LIE WQ] Thar'gokk

Thar'gokk is sent to take the Illidari Stand. Maiev sends heroes to deal with him.

N [100 - 110LI WQ] On Unhallowed Grounds

The Legion lands and starts corrupting Farondale. Prince Farondis sends in reinforcements to deal with the demons.

N [100 - 110LIE WQ] Mal'serus

Mal'serus lands and takes Llothien. Illidan sends heroes to deal with him.

N [100 - 110LIE WQ] Kazruul

Kazruul lands and takes Olivian Veil. Illidan sends heroes to deal with him.

Counter attack

When enough damage has been done, Farondis asks heroes to meet him outside the Temple of a Thousand Lights while Xeritas taunts from afar.

The Legion opens a portal similar to the known on the Broken Shore.He kills Portal-Keeper V'thaal which removes the shield at the entrance and makes his way to the heart of the temple where Zor'thaduun is found.

After Zor'thaduun is taken out, an adventurer rides on a hippogryph while Farondis fires from afar. Once the beam to other worlds has taken enough damage, the adventurer gives it the final blow.

After the conductor is down, Farondis rendezvous at Farondale where the blue dragonflight prepare for a final assault.


With a group of Azurewing Keepers, three adventurers joint the group and assault the Ley-Ruins of Zarkhenar. They advance and are successful at repelling back the Legion. Once the area is taken, three Azure War-Drake land and take the adventurers to the Legion Ship. Felweaver Axtris, the ship's captain, yells from above and manages to take down the adventures. Fortunately for them, they land on the lower part of the ship and make it to the top. Once there they take out Axtris before confronting their leader. Watching his captain die, Xeritas faces the adventurers himself. Unfortunately, he is taken out and after three drakes come to take the adventurers to safety, the ship is destroyed.





  1. N [110LI WQ] Assault on Azsuna
  2. N [110 Daily] Presence of Power
  3. N [110 Daily] A Conduit No More
  4. N [110 Daily] Battle for Azsuna