Assault on Highmountain
Location Highmountain
Result Highmountain Tribe-aligned victory

Highmountain Tribe


Burning Legion

Commanders and leaders

Highmountain Tribe


Burning Legion

Casualties and losses

Highmountain Tribe

  • Moderate

Burning Legion

  • Moderate

Assault on Highmountain is part of the Legion Assaults on the Broken Isles. Mayla Highmountain chooses to stands against the Legion.[1]

The conflict

Borne of Fel

The Feltotem tribe at Feltotem have been capturing members of the Rivermane tribe in order to convert them to their cause. Those that don't make it are killed. These activities are being overseen by Ritualist An'xa. Norgabbon of Stonedark is also fighting in the area. Mayla sends a rescue squad.

Class Dismissed

The Feltotem tribe have set up their main base in Feltotem Caverns. It is here where they gain their instructions from their demonic masters, summon demons and practice fel magic. Their leader is Pedagogue Gandorak. Mayla asks adventurers to cleanse the cavern.

Swarming Skies

At Darkfeather Valley, spores of felbats ravage the area. Lasan Skyhorn sent his troops to deal with the invaders with a battle in the sky.

Orgrokk (quest)

Orgrokk lands at Windripper Peak and blocks the path. Skyhorn Survivalists attack the demon but fail. Illidan sends heroes to take him out.

Save the Tadpoles!

A group of the demons takes Shipwreck Cove. They are using the local tadpoles to power their foal magic by draining their souls. Lasan Skyhorn asks heroes to free them.

Ulgrom (quest)

A highmountain base in Snowblind Mesa is attacked by Ulgrom along with his gang of Dark Ritualists. Maiev Shadowsong sends heroes to deal with him.

From the Skies They Fel

When the Legion landed in the lakes of Snowblind Mesa, the local basilisks did not take kindly to their intrusion. The reptiles turned the demon's infernal into stone. Despite this setback, Skycaller Drez'mal presses the attack. Mayla sends heroes to deal with them.

Gelgothar (quest)

Gelgothar lands at the Sepulcher of the Sky where the local Kobold are caught off guard. Illidan send heroes to take him out.

Wolves of the Legion

The demons who landed at Howling Hills, started to corrupt the local wolves into fel wolves in order to attack Skyhorn. Lasan sends heroes to deal with them.

Iroxus (quest)

The shipwreck survivors at Shipwreck Cove find themselves at odds when the pitlord, Iroxus lands on their shore. Illidan sends heroes to take him out.

Zar'vok (quest)

The doomguard Zar'vok attack Stonehoof Watch. Maiev Shadowsong sends heroes to take him out.

Balinar (quest)

Balinar the Culler assaults Oro's Overlook. Maeiv sends heroes to take him out.

Larthogg (quest)

Larthogg lands and takes charge of the Highmountain Burial Ground. Illidan sends heroes to take him out.

Shel'zuul (quest)


The final assault

Behind all the activity Thunder Totem is in an endless battle. It is constantly being sieged by Incinerator Vythe, Fel Commander Erixtol second in command. She sits on the cliffs of Snowblind Mesa, having her mages shoot down fel fire from the sky on the villages below. In Thunder Totem, The top part is being assaulted by felbats and internals, and the bottom part being assaulted by mo'arg. Lasan Skyhorn prepares to take the demons out. He first gives Thunder Totem some time by slaying as many demons as he can and then takes the battle to their leaders. Lasan Skyhorn makes his way to the cliffs of Snowblind Mesa and takes out Incinerator Vythe.[2]

Before engaging the enemy, Lasan decides to secure Thunder Totem. He retakes the upper region before making his way to the Hall of Chieftains. There with find the leaders of Highmountain trying to maintain their ground. Along with the heroes, he takes on way after wave before Navarrogg creates giants fists that block the entrances. With the hall secure, Mayla makes her way outside to find three great eagles and instructs the heroes to free any captives the legion has on board.

Once the cliff is secured and Vythe dealt with, Lasan flies all the way to the Legion Ship above. Once he arrived, he slays the demons, frees the prisoners and sets explosives on the ship. When all is set, he engages Fel Commander Erixtol and with the help of three heroes, he is taken out. The day is won by the Highmountain tauren. [3]