NeutralAssault on Mardum
Start Automatic
End Automatic
Level 8-45
Type Bonus Objective
Category Demon hunter
Experience 185,000
Rewards 73g

Assault on Mardum is a bonus objective quest that becomes available to demon hunters after completing the quest N Demon hunter [8-45] The Invasion Begins.


Assault the Legion in the lowlands


You will receive:

  • 73g
  • 185,000 XP


First Legion Communicator
Doom Commander Beliash says: Did I just see one of the gateways activate?
Doom Commander Beliash says: I want a full report now!
Second Legion Communicator
Doom Commander Beliash says: Demon hunters are using the gateways!
Doom Commander Beliash says: Inquisitor Baleful? Who is this? Speak!
Third Legion Communicator
Brood Queen Tyranna says: Whoever this is, you're caught in my web now.
Brood Queen Tyranna says: Your attempt to gain my lord Sargeras's keystone will fail.
Kayn Sunfury says: Hmm... it would appear they're on to us, <name>.
Destroy a Fel Spreader
Kayn Sunfury says: Those things spew fel energy, corrupting everything they touch.


  1. N Demon hunter [8-45] The Invasion Begins
  2. N Demon hunter [8-45] Enter the Illidari: Ashtongue
    • Optional bonus objective: N Demon hunter [8-45B] Assault on Mardum
  3. Complete all of:
  4. N Demon hunter [8-45] Meeting With the Queen
  5. Complete both:
  6. N Demon hunter [8-45] Orders for Your Captains
  7. N Demon hunter [8-45] Give Me Sight Beyond Sight
  8. N Demon hunter [8-45] Hidden No More
  9. Complete all of:
    1. N Demon hunter [8-45] Into the Foul Creche
    2. N Demon hunter [8-45] The Imp Mother's Tome
    3. N Demon hunter [8-45] Fel Secrets
    4. N Demon hunter [8-45] Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Illidari! -or- N Demon hunter [8-45] Vengeance Will Be Mine!
  10. N Demon hunter [8-45] On Felbat Wings
  11. N Demon hunter [8-45] The Keystone
  12. N Demon hunter [8-45] Return to the Black Temple

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