AllianceAssault on Skettis
Start War Planning Map [31.5, 30.9]
End Scout Valdez [31.0, 31.2]
Level 40 (Requires 40)
Type Daily
Category Garrison Support
Experience 22610
Rewards 46g 20s 800 Apexis Crystal
Repeatable Yes
For the Horde version of this quest, see H [40 Daily] Assault on Skettis.


Assault the Adherents of Rukhmar at Skettis in Spires of Arak.

  • Assault the arakkoa forces at Skettis


We've been receiving regular reports of birdmen from the south ambushing and burning caravans along the main roads.

Guards from our outposts are requesting that we launch a counter attack against the main presence of Adherents of Rukhmar at Skettis in Spires of Arak.


You will receive:

  • 46g 20s 800 Apexis Crystal
  • 22610 XP


How goes the assault, sir?


Word of the assault has already made it back, as have some spoils from the fight.

Well done sir, if you don't mind me saying.


The nearest flight path is at Akeeta's Hovel at [65, 18], accessed at the northeast end of Spires of Arak on the border with Shadowmoon Valley, then follow the trail north.

Kill Skyreach Labormasters to get a  [Talon Key] to free enslaved arakkoa. Free several (3+) slaves at once to most effectively take advantage of the limited time they are with the player. Kill mobs with those slaves present to raise their morale. The higher the morale the faster the progress. Help kill all mobs, even those not tapped by the party. MAKE SURE to turn in the slaves before their buff runs out, or their progress will be lost.

There are two achievements that can be acquired while on this quest:


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