NeutralAssault on the Dark Portal
Level: 10 - 50
Draenor Dark Portal.jpg
Races Mag'har orcMag'har orc Orc
IconSmall Gronn.gifGronn
DraeneiDraenei Draenei
Affiliation Iron Horde Emblem.png Iron Horde
Location Eastern Tanaan Jungle

The Assault on the Dark Portal (or the Tanaan Invasion)[1] is the instanced version of Tanaan Valley, which is the subzone of Tanaan Jungle and a location of Warlords of Draenor introductory experience. Once the intro is completed, players have no means of returning to the area, similar to Plaguelands: The Scarlet Enclave for death knights. The zone displays as "Tanaan Jungle" while in this instance.

Players arrive here from Blasted Lands after repelling the Ironmarch and lead a counterattack alongside Khadgar, Thrall, Vindicator Maraad and Lady Liadrin. The main goal of the Azerothian expedition is to shut down the time-space gateway, which is the newly constructed Dark Portal, leading to Azeroth.


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After beating back the Iron Horde Incursion to the Tanaan Valley, Archmage Khadgar led a coalition of Azeroth's heroes in holding off the Iron Horde until they find a way to disable the Dark Portal. A heroic champion of the Azeroth coalition acquired intel from the enemy regarding the inner workings of the Dark Portal,[2] and from the intel, the coalition discovered that the Dark Portal is fueled by the fel magic of Gul'dan and his Shadow Council. After freeing the imprisoned Shadow Council,[3][4] the Dark Portal was shut down,[5] allowing the coalition to go on the offensive.

Champions began attacking the Bleeding Hollow clan,[6][7][8] the Shattered Hand clan,[9][10] the Shadowmoon clan,[11][12] and the Blackrock clan[13] and also freeing their captives (which included: Yrel, Ga'nar, Drek'Thar, and Exarch Maladaar).[14][15][16][17] The Azeroth coalition then went on to commandeer the Iron Worldbreaker and used it to kill Iron Horde troops and destroy the Dark Portal. Grommash Hellscream accompanied by his warlords appeared on a ridge afterwards, and ordered his entire army to kill the interlopers.[18] Outnumbered, the heroes of Azeroth and the escaped prisoners retreat to the docks where they plan to escape on the Iron Horde's ships.[19] Once the danger has passed, the Alliance adventurers traveled with the draenei refugees to Shadowmoon Valley where they meet the alternate version of Prophet Velen.[20] The Horde adventurers on the other hand, traveled with the Frostwolf Orcs to Frostfire Ridge, home of the Frostwolf clan.[21]


Maps and subregions

Map of the Assault on the Dark Portal.

Notable characters

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The Assault of the Dark Portal is a roughly hour-long directed questing experience that sends players on a counterclockwise loop of the zone. Once done, players will be awarded the  [Welcome to Draenor] achievement and sent onward to the Frostfire Ridge storyline or the Shadowmoon Valley storyline, for Horde and Alliance players respectively.

Beta version

Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the beta stages.

Among the unreleased quests are:


The approximate area of the assault during the Invasion of Draenor.

  • This zone is used to slowly train new boosted level 90 characters, by rewarding class abilities through the quests.


Patch changes


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