AllianceAssault on the Pit
Start War Planning Map [31.5, 30.9]
End Scout Valdez [31.0, 31.2]
Level 40 (Requires 40)
Type Daily Group (3)
Category Garrison Support
Experience 30140
Rewards 61g 60s 1,000 Apexis Crystal
For the Horde version of this quest, see H [40G3 Daily] Assault on the Pit.


Assault the Blackrock orcs at the Pit in Gorgrond.

  • Assault the Blackrock orcs at the Pit

Suggested players: 3


The Blackrock forces based out of the Pit in Gorgrond make up the bulk of the Iron Horde army. If we crush them on their home soil, the rest of the Iron Horde will have little hope of standing against us.

If you choose the battle, bring friends. The Blackrock won't be defeated easily.


You will receive:

  • 61g 60s 1,000 Apexis Crystal
  • 30140 XP


How goes the assault, sir?


Word of the assault has already made it back, as have some spoils from the fight.

Well done <sir/maam>, if you don't mind me saying.


Group up, though this quest can be done entirely solo by taking advantage of the ammunition boxes and barrels scattered around. Don't go into the bottom level of the pit and steer clear of groups of elites unless taking on the area in a party!

After picking up ammunition, use demolishers to blow up groups of mobs in the pit, or call in an airstrike by using the bombardment signal flares on the ground near the cliff edge, or use flack cannons to take out the rylaks flying near Blackrock Foundry, or find other clickables like Iron Stars that can also be used against the group. Also, troop launcher cannons can be used for quick travel to the opposite side of the pit (make sure to aim!), or to drop combat in an emergency.

There are three achievements that can be acquired while on this quest:


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